Monday, August 17, 2009


In life we say so much, but how much weight do our words really hold. I mean when we say things at the time they make sense and may even feel righteous but when we look back are they? I often wonder how many times can you say your sorry before it's pointless and meaning less? It's unquestionable sometimes the way we treat each other and how we forget that words can never be taken back. Our actions have more karma then we think and that sometimes I'm sorry doesn't cover the cost of it. I often question myself at night and wonder if I could or should have done things differently.
Furthermore I question if maybe I should have chosen a different path and selected different words. Even the smallest arguments to some mean more to others and have more weight on their hearts then we can imagine. All of my mistakes weigh on me like a heavy shadow. A shadow that I can't hide or run from most days, but all I can do is look up and hope that God sees the pain and sorry heart that I have when they don't.
The point I'm trying to make is that you will make mistakes and even put yourself in a position where your a target by accident or choice. However all you can do at the end of the day is say sorry and pray that God heard and saw your heart. See I make mistakes daily and I have a heart that is in inconstant forgive me mode, because my fear is not when I stop saying sorry, but when I stop meaning it. From my lips and heart to Gods ears and heart I hope that I always mean it and strive to do better and change my path of errors.
Songs to Listen too For Courage and Inspiration:
Never Would have made it
Father Can you hear me
Lean on me
Can't give up now
By: Geneva Relf

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