Monday, August 31, 2009


The Newest Face of Cash MoneyBut not new to Money

By: Geneva Relf

Bow Wow has been in this business for a minute, but he has also had success that is unheard of. Not just for someone his age but someone in the rap game. He has the type of success that is hoped and prayed for that most will never reach. He has not only changed before our eyes but he has also changed and growing musically wise in the industry. His sounds are not just what we long to hear but its real talk and his new album just that real talk. The name of this new mixtape is Greenlight which was produced by Dj Ill Will and DJ RockStar. This mixtape is not just a piece of Bow Wow soul but very well could be his whole soul, and the song ‘Regret’ is just that in lyrics. He claims that he is done after this and he has done so much in this industry for 17years. His music definitely has a stamp on it that no one can touch or come close to. Bow Wow is using this album to tell his story from relationships, to mistakes leading to self discovery. This album is very relatable no matter who you are you can’t help but find a track that is about you. Only being the age of 22years old he has reached a status that has imprinted him in Hip Hop history. With a record of seven studio albums under his belt and everyone sold out. With a record of 18 hit singles and 36 hot music videos he has an audience that continues to grow even after he retires. In 2000 Beware of the Dog album sold a record of 9,000,000 with a chart position of 4 in the United States. This was just his first album, and it made his statement that he was here to stay and meant business musically. For those who questioned his success was proved not only to be wrong, but many haters were devastated when he came back that following year with Doggy Bag. This second album was the # 2 on the United States R&B album category chart. Even his singles broke records in the industry and haven’t been touch many in the game to this day. Like You featuring Ciara was dropped in 2005 and was on the charts as #3 in the top 100 U.S hot chart. Then holding and being the # 2 position in the U.S rap chart. With the song Outta My System featuring T-Pain which was the song touched many.

With films under his belt he has taken us by storm in all areas for music to movies and even television. In 2004 he played the leading role of D.J. Johnson in the movie Johnson Family Vacation a movie that made you laugh until you cried. This movie also starred some other big names such as Cedric the Entertainer, and Vanessa Williams who played his parents. Then in 2005 we got to see him in a different light and role altogether. Starring in the movie Roll Bounce we saw him in a touching role with a brilliant performance. This was a movie about a young man struggling with life. As well a dream that seemed so far and yet so desired to just skate. This movie gave him a serious actor’s role and made someone to watch out for in the future. Then with repeat appearances on one of the hottest HBO shows Entourage. Playing the character named Charlie proving that he is more then just music.

However he is also the owner of his own record label LBW Entertainment. This stands for Loyalty Brotherhood and Wealth and has some upcoming and big names already. With members like Khleo Thomas who is not only an actor but a rapper as well. He is also featured on the upcoming mixtape by Bow Wow. The entire LBW crew has made their mark on this mixtape and has produced something to hot for ears. With tracks like Do I Love Her featuring Khleo is a head banger and will have you dancing for hours. Love Struck can be felt by anyone and is easy to relate to if you have ever been in love. Then with the Track Potential with the beat and hot rhymes you can’t but help feel what he is talking about. Then DJ Jus is starred on the track I’m Too Good this track will get you in the mood to groove, but then the Track You Know I’m Nasty will make you blush and smile. This song has the beat from Wetter by Twista however it has a different vibe and feel to it. Then again every song to this mixtape is a must hear and haters get ready to be mad and made liars because he hasn’t missed a step on this one.

GreenLight Mixtape

24 tracks

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