Wednesday, August 19, 2009


What does it take to show someone you love them, and really mean it too? Not the type of love that comes with benefits or gifts on the regular but the type of love that doesn't cost. Where you can just be yourself without worry if they will still be there. The kind that makes you worry when they worry, cry when they cry, but most of all feel happiness when they are happy. We sometimes get caught up in jealousy and envy with each other! Wait now truth be told I never knew you could be jealous of the ones you love. I thought that their success was a reflection of hard work and where they came from. I certainly never knew you could be jealous of the one your with and claim is your better half.

This weekend was a test for me I would like to think. I mean think about how many times you tell someone you would do anything for them. All those times you tell someone you have their back no matter what. My test was to prove how loyal I could be to that, and if I really could be the type of women that no matter what sticks by her words and promise. The type of women who would stand by her man no matter what she is told, she sees the beauty in him and his dreams. See it's hard for me to say that I trust whole hearted in someone when you have been let down you often wonder why if you can or should. The truth is everyday I open my eyes a little more and more then the day before. I don't want to miss out on love, happiness, or even just moments of joy because I'm waiting for pain or disappointments.

How far would you go for the one who holds your heart? Even if they give you no guarantee they love you back. Can you devote time to someone who holds your desires even if your not sure all the time your theirs? How long can you wait to hear that they miss you, or care about you when actions just don't seem to show anymore? Can you walk away when your not sure what your walking away from? What if it's a test to see if you'll hold on and be there in the toughest of times? Meanwhile your ready to just walk away and leave them not knowing if one day you can take that back. See I'm a strong women who has cried a lot over foolish things, but wonders if now she is being tested for the realist of things. I mean we all ask God for things, but do we really expect him to do it? However when he does were either in shock he did it or realized we don't or can't handle it. Love it's always between two people but your goals and dreams too. Can you hold on to them when everyone else says that you shouldn't?

My only fear in life is rejection without reason, I mean I can handle being told I'm not the one. Furthermore being told that I'm not ready for what it is I want, but to be left without why or even with room to fix it. I can't handle that I rather lose knowing I did everything in my power to fix it, then not having a chance at all.

"Love is not based on limits or restrictions.

However it's pushed

by the limits of ones devotion and loyalty.

The only restrictions on love is the unwillingness

to be open."

By: Geneva Relf

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