Saturday, September 5, 2009


Have you ever had a dream so sweet that it seemed so real. That every time you opened your eyes you blinked wanting to get back to that dream. Every smile is different because it's not from the face you want or wish. Every touch feels off and the very thought of another doing it separates your rational thinking. Well you should have thought about that before you broke my heart and walked away!

Your not really ready to let go
you want things to go back to a time
when I was yours and it was my kiss that melted your heart
A time when it was my touch that gave you chills and yarn for more
I'm not ready to let you go either not ready to move to another
I'm not ready to hate you, I will forgive you
Not ready to cry another night , so I won't give you the power
You say now you have learned your lesson and ready to comeback
I'm not ready to take you back or try
You say what happen to second chances and forgiveness
I say I forgive and here is your second chance to be a friend
Not being cold and not being cruel, honest truth I a fool just for you
I'm not ready for another heartbreak or another lie
You say your ready
Well I'm NOT
I just want you to do me a favor and think real hard about what you lost
Loving, Caring, Catering
Devoted Women
I want you to think about that every time
Every women you meet or come across won't ever treat you like me
Don't worry I don't hold a grudge I'm still here and you still have my heart
It's the distance in which you have that is different now
Don't worry I haven't given up on you yet
I know that the man I dreamed of is in there
he just isn't right now
I warned you
I told you
I begged you
You weren't ready to be that man I know you could be
You say you weren't ready not yet
I try to be sweet and sit back and wait
So you can be at peace I won't hurt you the way you did me
Cause I see that life already is giving it back to you
I wouldn't ever
betray you in anyway
run game on you
I know you need to grow and you need to do that without me
Comeback when your MAN
I'll stand by you but not with you
If it's meant to be it will be
I'm not ready to fight for you
You need to be willing to fight for me
I still and always will love you
The sun will shine another day and I'll smile another morning with or without you
But it's up to you
Grow up and be a MAN
Because I'm not ready to settle down
and play games with a boy
So you write the ending or beginning it's on you

By: Geneva Relf

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Whiteny is a classic. I love what you wrote. IT is so true and heart felt. I can tell that you put a lot of thought and dedication in it. Keep up the good posts.

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