Monday, September 14, 2009


We are living in a time where anything is beyond possible and that dreams are just the beginning. That if your willing to work hard and put your mind to it then you can have and achieve it. Limitations are only for those who never try or seek to fail from the start. And never really wanted to see their dreams come true. This year alone should have shown us that time is not only limited but even the great are falling to soon. That life is only a one time shot and when you get a second chance to make up for mistakes or just simply not living take it! This life is so unpredictable and we spend so much time in gossip and rumors and destroying each other we not living. The energy you putting in others lives you could be putting in your own and furthering your future and goals.

I have seen some of the most beautiful queens fall for a man and fall to pressure of the world. Your a queen and your crown was stripped for what and when are you going to get it back? We are all beautiful and we all have dreams that deserve to be seen and you never know what you can do or change. Queens who deserve to been seen as such and not looked at less then that or valued less. We are proud women and we walk with strength and courage daily but yet we fall to pressure and what the world thinks what is and should be. I'm a queen who knows what I'm worth and knows what I capable of doing in this world. Don't get me wrong there are times when I second guess myself and wonder why thing are the way they are. Why can't he see I'm the best he'll ever get, and why doesn't he know what he makes me feel? How come I'm not good enough to be his girl but I'm good enough for you to use? These questions will never be answered because the truth is I'm better and your better than that. We are more then objects of beauty we are women who generate the nations.We are women who carry the efforts of struggle on our shoulders.We are the very backbone of this nation and the mothers of the leaders, and the very women who have the power to control it. We are more then mere objects of beauty or bodies but we are the reason your still here, we need to remind our self of that!

Nas - One Mic (Official Music Video) - Click here for another funny movie.

My kings what has happen to you and why are you all acting less then that? What happen to your thrown and your pride in yourself? You want a queen but acting like a joker you'll never get one and if you do you'll lose her if you don't wake up soon! Your losing all respect and what happen to working hard and holding us up when we need you? Your crowns are being lost among players and thieves. Your queens are being destroyed by neglect and insecurities they are losing the very beauty and innocents we need in this world. We need to remind you that your kings and if you want to be treated that way step up!

Will Smith Ft Mary J Blige- Tell My Why - For more funny movies, click here

We need to learn that if you have haters your doing things right,because haters only come when your doing something great. Hard work comes when the dream is great and the greater the dream the harder the work. Nas had a song name You Can Hate Me Now that ft. Piddy and this song proves my point let them hate. But don't let it stop your progress or work,because that is what they want. I'm on top you can either encourage me or hate either way I'm reaching that top. We need to stop hurting each other and learn to live together and start helping each other and stop tearing each other down. We all have to live in this world and if I destroy you and teach that to the future then what hope does our future have? Tell me why does it make us laugh to see others fall and why does the last word have to be so painful? We can raise the bar of greatness and change the effect we are putting into play. We can make the world a better place and a place so kings be just that kings. My queens take your place and be re-crowned as Queens that you are.

By: Geneva Relf

I don't say anything to discourage but to motivate.
My hope is that when you read this apply it to whatever area in your life needed to hear it. God Bless and keep your heads up your the King & Queens of this nation.

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