Thursday, October 15, 2009


2DFRNT is pronounced "Two Different" and it's just that with music originality these two young men are just that. They are a combination of Pop/R&B/Rap so there is nothing that they missed and nothing they don't have to offer you! Al' Michael is the singer of this dynamic duo group,he has been described as soulful and the heart of the ears. However this duo wouldn't be complete without it's rapper Stuy a.k.a Da Prince he has been compared to some great rappers in the game today but I can't disagree. You can find these two young men on myspace, youtube and well pretty soon everywhere else you blink! However you can get on the bandwagon now and follow them here:
Official artist website coming soon!

They have songs that will make you dance and that will have you getting close all over again. Their sound may be compared to others, but it's very different at the same time. It's all over combination of what music is and can be. However my song that I love is "Rollercoaster" that song is beyond amazing. So don't sleep on these two young men they are on their way to the top so don't be afraid to look up now!

by: Geneva Relf

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