Tuesday, October 27, 2009


In Love & War
Amerie - Album Sampler of Love & War
Reasons To go Buy the Album

Amerie- Heard Em All

Amerie- Why R U

Chingy ft. Amerie - Look So Fly

She first appeared with her hit single "Why Don't we fall in love" her voice was pure and had us hooked.Then following that hit single "Talking to Me" this was in 2003 and she was a proven gem to music. Then in 2005 she dropped "1 Thing" which was later remixed with EVE and it was a hit from the start! However in 2006 "Take Control" was the next biggest track which was the first single off Because I love It album. Now with her new album In Love & War the single off that album was "Heard Em All" and many can relate to that! She has been so busy and working non-stop so don't blink you might miss something big. You can find here everywhere and her music is amazing so she'll be around for along time!
Like I always say "For those that love it keep it coming,but for those that hate do it in silence,but watch them succeed."

Amerie's site: http://www.loveamerie.com/twitter/
or on Twitter at: @itsmeamerie
Or http://www.islanddefjam.com/default.aspx?labelID=74

Amerie ft. TI - Touch

Amerie- Why Don't We Fall In Love

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