Tuesday, October 13, 2009

BlokMovaz Entertainment

BlokMovaz Entertainment
Unstoppable, untouchable, uncontrollable

What do you get when you take strong business minds, Creative genius and hunger for the fame, with the thirst to be heard? You get the BlokMovaz Entertainment which comes from the great state of central Florida or to the rest of us Orlando, FL. Greatness is complied in many forms and when it comes to this group it’s no different from rappers to singers this movement has it all. With the CEO/ Rapper named POPOV it’s pronounced Pop Off for those who didn’t know. He is one of the biggest hits for this Movement he is not only the CEO but he is the rapper as well and he has tons of talent and skills. His flow is beyond undefined you can’t put it into words, but you can feel the heat of his passion in every track. POPOV is 26years old and on the peaks of his success his business mind makes him somebody to definitely keep your eyes on. When you think of him think of the 50cents, the jay-z's, the master p's, the puff daddy's, & ludacris's. I see a label situation happening for this BlokMovaz Entertainment's CEO. He is making moves and shocking everyone who hears his tracks and feels his music. He was interviewed on G-Unit Radio on Shad45, and he was the first Dominican rapper to be added to his hometown radio stations 102Jamz and Power 95.3. You can also find him on youtube and see his remarkable talent there as well. He is heavy in the mixtape game and his freestyle flow is so contagious it’s now getting major radio play time in Florida. Make sure you look out for his hit singles “Man Of My City” & “One More Time” ft. Michael Stokes.

Michael Stokes is the R&B heavy hitter for BlokMovaz Movement His voice is beyond pure and his talent is God gifted. He was first discover on his live web cast he was in the Studio and blew the minds of those watching him. This young man is from Ben Harbor, Michigan and now he resides in Orlando, FL his vocal ability was far from anything BlokMovaz had ever heard. Michael Stokes has R&B in his veins his soul bleeds the very essence of rhythm and blues. He gained acclaimed attention with the single he graced with POPOV “One More Time”. His voice has a classic undertone but with a vibrant new sound for this generation. You may know his voice but not him he has done work with Flo Rida and Lil Wayne and from what is being said you have yet to see the beginning.

DJ Slique who is the official DJ for BlokMovaz Entertainment. He is a senior engineer and he is a DJ for Power 95.3 Fm radio. In case you didn’t know he did the video mix mash-up’s for MTV2 from 2006-08 also He has a series of mixtapes out . His spinning is different from any other DJ out there and his talent for video mixing is provocative and innovating. You better watch out and keep your ears open cause he can and will be in a town near you soon.

However you can’t for get the leader of this BlokMovaz Entertainment Bles1 who is the President of BlokMovaz Entertainment. His business mind is out of this planet and his leadership is beyond monumental he is the personal manager for POPOV, Michael Stokes, and DJ Slique . He is beyond hands on and he makes move that are unheard of and beyond driven for this movement.

Bles1 President of BlokMovaz Entertainment

Email: bles.one.mgmt@gmail.com

Michael Stokes R&B Talent
youtube.com search Michael Stokes & POPOV

datpiff.com search popov

DJ Slique
datpiff.com search dj slique

Look Out for the New Singles coming out Called


You've got to check out his mixtape called "Cold Pimpin" hosted by Pimpin Curley, its definitely a quality mixtape to listen too.

By: Geneva Relf

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