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When do you pick your dreams and goals for life? How does one know when they have found their calling in life? Well when you’re great it's when you’re young and open to the ideas of life, and Khleo is no different. At the beautiful age of four years old he saw a commercial and it was set in motion from there. This young man had a dream that his mother supported, and because of that a star was born. We all know him for his role in "HOLES" as the character "zero" and we fell in love with those deep eyes, Wild curly hair and dimples to melt your heart. However that may have been his start to movies but not his debut to the public. Bill Cosby's "KIDS SAY THE DARNEDEST THINGS” was it just took off from there. This young man captivated our hearts and mesmerized or attention in other films such as “BAADASSSSS!” This was a great movie by the way then “Friday after Next” however it was his role in “Walking Tall” with Dwayne Johnson as known as “The Rock” that really set the tone more for him. He was no longer that cute kid we saw, but a growing man. He was then leading to the movie “Roll Bounce” where he met his good friend Shad Moss or BOW WOW as the world knows him. This then launched into the dealings of LBW Entertainment and for those that don’t know L-loyalty B-brotherhood W-wealth which is what LBW stands for. He then also made more room for himself in the mainstream when he was a guest- star on the hit show CSI: Crime Scene Investigations, which lead to further roles in another TV series Teachers. Now even though that show was short lived it had no effect on Khleo he has also appeared in the hit show House you won’t recognize him but it’s him. Then to mention just a few others like say The Bernie Mac Show, ER, City Guys, Family Law. He has appeared on such talk shows as The Tyra Banks Show, Jimmy Kimmel live, 106 & park.

Some might think he is at his limits, but your wrong he proved in “Holes” he has mad flow and now he’s taking it to the next level. He has free-styled and made appearances in Bow Wow’s video “Fresh Azimiz” however he appeared and on many more projects such as “How you move it” and then “Bet that”.

Now he is coming out with his highly anticipated mixtape “The World is a Cartoon” and it was due to drop in this early October however you can’t rush perfection. So the fans will wait and when it drops look out. From what I have heard so far it’s dangerous and for those not on their game it might be the end of them. His beats are done by TrackMobEnt and trust when I say these beats are Killah. He has songs for everyone on this mixtape, and Khleo has the ability to tell anyone’s story, and make you reflect on your own life. Either your that silly girl that messed up and lost a great one or you’re that love he wishes he had.
In addition to that ladies sorry I don’t know if he is single but I will say this if he is step your game up, and make sure you’re on point. However I doubt he is a catch like him is hard to find so she better hold on tight and treat him like a king, because he’s one of the great ones. So keep a look out for him and upcoming projects from what I heard he is reading a script now, so you’ll look up to see him on the big screen again soon. Also like I always say for anyone I write on “Those that love it keep it coming, for those that don’t hate in silence, but watch them succeed.” This young man has grown before our eyes from an adorable young boy, to that grown and sexy young man, most of you dream about!

Films List:
"Boogie Town*" (2009)
"Hurricane Season* (2008)
Bob Funk (2008)
Krews (2007)
Remember the Daze (2007)
Dirty (2005)
Roll Bounce (2005)
Baadasssss! (2004)
Going to the Mat (2004)
Walking Tall (2004)
Holes (2003)
Friday After Next (2002)

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