Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Music You Should Have

Mariah Carey's album
Memoirs of a Imperfect Angel

This is a must have album for the house and car. Every track is has something that we have all experienced in life. Mariah put her heart and soul into this masterpiece which came out on September 29,2009. This album is a combination of love lost and love found and the beauty in having that special someone. It proved that sometimes when your mistreated by one man another one greater will come along. It had tracks that will make you cry and tracks that will make you laugh and let him know he messed up for sure. " More Than Just Friends" was a song we all can relate to wanting that certain someone to be more. Then the all time song on this album "Standing O" in a relationship we have all been there when we give our all to someone who just seems to care less and less. Then " Up Out My Face" enough said about this track we have all said to someone at some point when I'm done I'm done. "Impossible" was a song that will bring lovers closer or new found love more passion. "Angels Cry" is just that song that will make you go there every time you hear it. This song is truly beautiful and left me speechless every time I played it. But her prize acclaimed hit on this album "I want to Know What Love Is"

Yes it's safe to call it a massive comeback hit and this single is just that for her. The title of this single is "Happy" and if you haven't heard it your missing out on a great song. We all wish we could be this happy in finding our self in the world. Doing those things that make us happy no matter what people say or do. This song shows off her vocal ability and her unique harmony with music.

"Hell Of a Life" should be enough said about why TI is in the game today, and why he is the king. The video is just as unique as the song, and it comes in two versions clean and explicit so pending on your age and preference. This song is beyond different but at the same time has that flare we are use to with TI and in his words one Hell of a life.

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