Saturday, October 10, 2009

Must Have Albums

Busta Rhymes came back with a another much anticipated album called " Back on my B.S." and it's featuring "Arab Money". The due date for this album is in May 19,2009 and it proclaimed to be the very fire lacking from music now. But we all already now that Busta Rhymes doesn't drop anything less then pure genius work. On top of that his videos are always so hot and make you think your watching a movie. And if you don't have it go get it and make sure you enjoy the hotness on it. Also make sure you go get The Source magazine where Busta was the cover and enjoy.


Miami's very own with that unique dropped a hot one and if you don't have it and need that extra shine go get it. This album featured such songs like "Krazy" and "Give them what they ask for" that song made me laugh but at the same time the beat was out this world. You know Lil Jon made his appearance on this album along with many others.


This album has had a lot of press both good and bad. This album has turned many heads and made a lot of us maybe question somethings. However you have to admit that he dropped a hot one and many of the song made you remember why you fell in love with his music. "Beautiful" was just one of those tracks that made you fall into a trance, but the language may not be for everyone. so if your sensitive that might explain why you don't have it. "Who want it" ft. Trick Daddy was one of those joint that had a killer beat to it, but like I said if your ears are sensitive this is not your album. "GoodBye" was another one of those songs that had a breath taking beat, but you know how Eminem do so prepare yourself.

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