Wednesday, October 21, 2009

R.Kelly is Back and Untitled

He has a new album plus he is back on tours Ladies, and Gentlemen you want to know what a real man sounds like listen up! The originator of today's love music, and the measuring stick that all artist shoot for when making that love music! We all know R.Kelly not only for making you want to say you were in the mood, but with tracks that made men realize that "When a woman is fed up. There is nothing you can do".A much anticipated return with that breathtaking moment when he released "Number One " ft. Keri Hilson. This track quickly got major radio play and the video is always on. No surprise he is the originator that all young men measure themselves to when creating that sound. He maybe a veteran in the Game ladies but he doesn't look like, and he told the fellas once before that he's a "Flirt" ft. T.I and T-pain. His album is "Untitled" but it's going to leave you speechless and wanting more and more. "Religious" is the track that will move you in a way only he can. This song is the anticipated single from the album and will be the second single released. However he is the King of R&B for a reason and selling over 34 million records should only make that more official.You can follow him on twitter :

Also the Concert days are set so check your dates and make sure you get your tickets too!




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