Tuesday, October 20, 2009

SANNAY - The Revolution on Dance

Sandra Sannay is a young up-coming dancer choreographer, “a breath of fresh air” as being described by her fellow dancers and friends. With her great personality and amazing talent she has captured hearts not only in US but as well in Europe and Canada. Hard work and dedication has made her believably the next IT-girl in the music/dance industry. Recognized by many she has already worked with talents all around the world, and not as just a backup dancer but as an opening act! Not only being creative, having extraordinary ideas in making choreography, she also is quick-witted in picking up choreography. But her beliefs refer that dancing is not only picking up choreography it is also being able to deliver unforgettable freestyles. And that is what she has proven to do by winning many freestyle solo competitions like Battle Of Est 2008!! Now in upcoming 2009 Battle Of Est she is one of the few judges, making sure the win goes to the right person!

My View-

This young lady is untouchable and she is at the peak of success when it comes to dancing. She is the new face of what hot moves look like so don't sleep on her. In addition, don't be surprised if you see her in your favorite artist videos. She has charisma with every movement and she has the passion to make dance fun even when it's technical. Her swag is on point you don't believe me check her out yourself and then tell me I'm wrong! Don't worry I'll wait she is flawless and with time shinning on every video.

Checkout :

you can find more of her on youtube : http://www.youtube.com/user/Sannaydance
Twitter: http://twitter.com/Sannay

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