Thursday, November 5, 2009

Anyla Marie

My Words:

Anyla Marie is a name you should know and if you don't let me help you out! She is a women who set out on a mission to make her dreams come true. Anyla Marie is not just a woman in business but she is the business, and she has a wide range of talents. She has worked with and for some of the biggest names in the industry, making her the very definition of a Super Woman. Her intelligence is what makes her the boss lady many woman can look up too, and her beauty inspires you to know that great work can look amazing in more then one way! She has worked her way to where she is now, and the hard work paid off for her, and now she can watch her success, but if anything it's pushing her to work harder.

Anyla is just as unique as her name and a mother who has proved that hard work, focus, and dream is all you need! She saw what she wanted and even discovered new things along the way. She decided to change plans and even make new dreams, however in any case she went after what she wanted. A woman with a plan and focus has always been a dangerous combination, even more so when she does what she plans out to do! So make sure you get to know her and recognize her talents and skills it's okay to respect a DIVA! She's a DIVA without the attitude, but the appreciation of God's blessings and her hard work. A woman humble enough to know that it started out as a dream, even hope but the prayer of hard  made it so!

Like I said for everyone I write for or about "For those that love keep it coming, but for those that hate do it in silence, but watch them succeed!"

Her Bio:

Anyla Marie
      Intelligent, mother, diva, shopaholic, fashion stylist, adventurous, strong, phenomenal, student, lover, friend, associate, co-worker, promoter, publicist, talent administrator; you name it.  Her Trinidadian native ethnicity says it all; this DIVA was born to WIN. With her uptown/London inspired fashion sense, southern hospitality, and island spice attitude you’ve yet to experience a day with the queen diva herself, born Sierra Hall created into Anyla Marie the fashionista diva of all times.
      Anyla Marie currently is attending school to pursue a career in the dental field. Her plans after the course completion are to attend a four year college to obtain a Bachelor’s degree of science to further attend Dental Hygienist school. While attending Advanced Career Training this diva has a schedule of events from here to Timbuktu.
      She enjoys spending time with her two sons, Silije and Eulogio. They’re her number one priority and motivate her more to see what Planet Earth have to offer spontaneous individuals like herself.
      Coming from a family that is all about fashion beginning with her Nana and mother, whom has been a seamstress for over twenty years, she can’t help but love to be a trendsetter. Being labeled as “Ms.Prissy,” by her family since the age of 3, she enjoyed participating in fashion shows and pageants. She attended Barbizon Modeling School and participated in IMTA modeling seminars. Along side of working at the University of Florida Eye Institute and Designer Shoe Warehouse (DSW), isn’t all this wonder mom does. Her brother, Jhonathon Pierre Cornell, founder and CEO of Pierre International Modeling & Photography Studios allowed Anyla to input suggestions for the company which led her to obtaining a position as the Talent Administrator.
      However, she’s always been a fan of the music industry since elementary school, competing in talent shows, parades, church choir, school chorus, marching band, and symphonic band. Using her vocals, piano and flute skills she began to write songs. In 2000, Anyla was inspired by hip hop world and hit the recording studio with her youngest sister, the songbird Shalanda to record her first rap vocals. After deciding that rapping or singing wasn’t for her, she began to study different eras and genres of the birth of music. After years spend in NYC the met numerous Grammy, BET, award winning and nominated artist (Alicia Keys, Keisha Cole, Musiq Soulchild, Tank, etc)which inspired her to pursue a career as a publicist. She’s now a publicist for the independent record label and marketing company StoneCold Recordz.
      Anyla love to continue to LIVE her life and if you ever needed help LIVING your life, she will definitely show you how it is done. She put’s Christ first and allow her blessings to pour down from Heaven. You’ve had a snippet of Anyla Marie’s biography, now as Anyla would say, “Leap, Learn, & LIVE!”


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