Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lauryn Hill and the Best From Her


Lauryn Hill was the only female member to the infamous group called "The Fugees"  and she shocked us all with that powerful voice and beauty. She took us all by storm and changed the way we looked at women in Hip hop. She took it to the next level by going solo in '98 and her career only took off from there, and she challenged women to be great and the queens we are! She was the soulful voice that was missing from Hip hop, and her songs made your heart melt, and even cry. With her combination of Soul, Hip Hop, and Reggae made you dance, and feel the power behind her words. 'The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill' was the theme album for women everywhere, and we all felt her when she sung "EX- Factor" . That song was a combination of when you need to walk away, but your feet and heart won't let you! The video gave you a glimpse of how hard that really is, the minute you think you can leave, they find a reason for you to stay! She then gave us "Everything is Everything" and the video was amazing, she then teamed up with another queen of soulful sounds Mary J Blige herself. And gave us the birth of "I use to love him" and that song was had a life of it's own. Lauryn won five Grammy awards for this album including : Album of the Year, Best R&B album, Best R&B song, Best female R&B vocal performance, and Best new artist. She had singles that made us dance and think at the same time "Doo Wop (That thing)" was a hit from the second it was released. The video was split between the past and present of times but with the same problems of any generation! "When it hurts so bad" was another one of those tracks that made want to hold back your tears, or let them flow freely. However her bonus track was just that "I can't take my eye's off you" that song was beautiful and elevated love to a whole other level. She's now a proud mother and she still sings from time to time, but her mark on music will keep us forever!

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