Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Novemeber 12,1974

Afrika Bamaattaa
The Zulu Nation
Crash Crew
Rob Base & DJ EZ
Run -D.M.C.
Doug E. Fresh

Slick Rick

The birth of a lifestyle and culture was formed on November 12,1974. This date was the beginning of a lifestyle that would dominated the world today! The style, the sound, the magic of the free flowing lyrics. Even the feelings of hope, Enlightenment, Enrichment, and even a world beyond the streets we lived on! The great names of Hip Hop are embedded in our hearts, and souls the legends that are no longer around! For all the fallen Hip Hop icons that made the path so many are now embarking on! We have lost many great legends to the streets, bad choices, or just simple retirement but in any case we can't deny the impact the had on music.
They changed the fashion, and the image of what people thought they knew and then to show the power of Hip Hop it's a worldwide fashion! The style and very image of what we dress like, look like, and appear to be. The entire nation was engulfed by not only the sound, but the attire we wore when on stage. So many legends started out in the basements of dreams and hopes of one day being great! In the 70's the Hip Hop culture became a billion-dollar industry and by the 80's Rap was taking over the scene, but Hip Hop won't die and can't die! So here is a tribute so some of the greatest that ever did it, and that are still doing it today!

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