Tuesday, November 3, 2009


December 15th Graffiti

December is going to be a great day for Chris Brown Fans!
VIBE magazine has decided to relaunch Chris Brown and he will be the feature in the issue on December 8th. So look out for it on your newsstands everywhere, and this issue will cover the release of Chris Brown's third album. "Graffiti" we all know comes out the last day of his fan appreciation tour! Which is December 15th in New York City,from the way the year is forming this is going to be a merry Christmas for Chris and his fans everywhere! So make sure you save the date or have your Vibe subscription paid for this you don't want to miss!
For further details go to:http://www.vibe.com/galleries/2009/11/02/chris_brown_crawl_sneak_peek/index.html?img=1&gid=15209

Takers - In Theaters February
Fan Appreciation tour: November 14th - December 15th
Graffiti - December 15th
Chris Brown is well just that good!

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