Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Robin Thicke- New Album December 15th

Sex Therapy
December 15th 2009
Robin Thicke's new album

When he first came on the scene you may not remember this but his hair was long! Much longer and her dressed majorly different, but his voice stood out amongst all that. He has changed over the years and has given us music to dance too and fall in love with! He is also a songwriter, musician, and composer every now and again actor when time calls for it. He's an American Grammy Award winning singer on top of all his accomplishments, with never ending hits. He's know for his R&B flare and that voice that has women mesmerized with anticipation on the next verse!  Men everywhere want to be him, and be just as captivating and heart stopping. His voice has a range that gives him the ability to sing in type of format and it can sooth you or make you cry. His music has changed the way many of us feel about love and he has even dared changed how we get turned on. With his hit song "Without You" ft. Paula Patton (his wife & actress) this video gave an inside look into when a man wants a women back! This song gave us all that moment where we thought back to that one person if we had to do it over again we would!

Writing for some of the biggest names in the industry, and creating some of the greatest song we have heard today! Creating a lot of the hits we love and bought today, and many of the tracks might surprise you but yes they were created by him. He has also produced a lot of the tracks we love. His first album was called "A Beautiful world" and the hit track 'When I get you alone' and then 'She's gangsta', 'Suga Mama','A beautiful world' which was named after the album. His second album was called "The Evolution of Robin Thicke" which was released in 2006 and this album gave us such songs 'Lost Without U','Wanna Love U Girl' ft. Pharrell, and the most inspirational song 'Can U Believe'  and then 'Got 2 Be Down' ft. Faith Evans. Then my personal favorite '2 The Sky' which is a must hear if you haven't already heard it. Then in 2008 he released "Something Else" and many  knew that is album would bring just as much fire as the last ones. With hits like 'Magic' which was the single that has us all dancing and watching the video wanting more. However 'The Sweetest Love' was just that song and many could relate to the lyrics and theme of this song. 'Cry No More' was my personal favorite off this album and had me from the opening beat. Which brings us to the now and the next album will be "Sex Therapy" which will be released December 15th 2009 and the single ft. Jay-z has already been dropped called 'Meiple (Me I Play)" the video is coming soon so look out for it!

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 Sex Therapy Single Available Now

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