Sunday, August 22, 2010



Drake's new single "Miss Me" featuring Lil Wayne one of the  most anticipated music videos to come from Young Money/ Cash Money label. "Thank Me Later" album is in stores now and fans were buzzing from the start. "Thank Me Later" was leaked in it's full length to fans online , however the musical genius Drake is he took it as a challenge to the fans to not only enjoy the tracks leaked but to purchase the album too! He went into the studio and added tracks just before the album was due to be released to the public! The fans responded and the number came back crystal clear Drake is better then gold! The album broke records and even though the moment was tainted by leaks it was polished with sky rocketing numbers! Lil Wayne is coming back to his fans soon, however the Young Money label has stepped up with one great hit after another. The collaborations have been endless with the organic genius every artist brings to the table is nothing short of amazing. Not to mention the tours and shows that have been blazing the summer, and nonstop action in the music game. Young Money is grown in the paper stacking business because they produce the music we crave from the artist we can't resist! The Young Money/ Cash Money label family was present in the video showing there unity and declaration they are standing tall!So Enjoy and sit back to enjoy the rest of the label's artist produce more great hits!

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