Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Enough Now it Should Stop Here

We just live everyday not really embracing what gift we have until something tragic happens to bring it into focus. We often think that we have all the time in the world to accomplish our dreams, fall in love, get married, and even have children. We often don't seem to notice that the world around us is turning against us until it too late. Violence seem to be an old favorite and yet more and more lives are lost to the senseless act. You don't think that a simple argument will end your life, or even a simple misunderstanding will keep you from coming home.

That a simple moment in passing with someone will keep you from seeing your love ones again. And the old time favorite just because you look different and think different your a target. Roderick Anthony Burton II, aka Dolla I wonder how bad that argument could have been to cost him his life? I wonder why he didn't get the chance to live his dream and be the big star hip hop wanted hm to be? I don't understand why he died for something so small, but then the question of a set up comes to mind. How is it the suspect know where he was headed did he act alone and when did he have time to get the weapon and track him down? When is enough really and truly enough? How many more lives have to be lost before we come together and stop this needless killing of one another. I use to hear that the youth are the future but if we are all six feet under or behind bars who is going to lead this country? Another thing what are we teaching those coming up about the world they live in. Can we really trust that they will be safe and that they won't be affected by the cruel world.

Then you have to worry about all the things you can't predict or see coming. Like the people on that Friday morning in Binghamton, New York who were just minding their own business. Locked and barricaded in the American Civic Association and a man by the name of Jiverly Voong took 13 lives including his own for what? Then in Pittsburgh a man went on a spree of his own after losing his job. The police thought they were just responding to a domestic disturbance call, and find themselves in a gun fight leaving many officers wounded. I often wonder why we have to resort to such things to get our point across. You feel that you have been disrespected to mistreated why must someone die for that? I mean really now you have added pain and grief to someone else, and then what they should just understand to you were hurt. That you were in a bad place and needed vengeance of your injustice but what about them? Where does it end ; We have to learn to deal with people and things differently, now I'm not saying to live in fear and avoid human contact. but to think before you speak and think twice before causing pain on someone. We need to come together for a solution on how to end this violence. We need to come up with solutions to prevent things like this from happening, and look at the warning signs. Don't be afraid to ask for help or get someone help if you know they have anger management issues or just a ticking time bomb.
If that's not enough now we have the audacity to tape and film these acts of violence. these young people are getting the impression that it's cool to be cruel and that it's instant fame. We feed into this every time we click on the link or turn the other cheek. "Kids will be kids" I dislike this saying so much and the thinking that they will out grow that behavior is wrong. We have more children bullied now more then ever and they are taking their lives and the bullies life. Many innocent children are hit in the cross fire and all it takes is one person to listen. All it takes is one person to stand up and say enough is enough and make these school accountable for what happens on campus. We need parents to be more involved. When I was younger and in school my mother would randomly just show up on campus and see where I was and what me and my sister were learning. Not because we were bad or anything but if you don't show an interest most of these teachers won't either. My mother would just come to the school and surprise us to keep us in line and those in authority over us in line. We need to do better and start striving for change if we want a future.

By: Geneva Relf

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