Monday, June 1, 2009

This Summer Trends

No matter where you live summer is the time to flaunt your stuff. It's swimsuit season and light fabric wearing time. This summer your best friend is sunblock no matter what race you are you must wear sunblock and protect your skin. You also want to keep water with you at all times to stay hydrated. No point in looking great if you just look tired and dehydrated. Also find the swimsuit that fit your body type and style don't go for trends but comfort and fit your the one that has to wear it so make it flattering to the shape you have. Also a must this summer are sunglasses and hats. Wearing your best shades to keep the sun out of your eyes and to keep you looking cool all summer long. Also handbags are a must ladies you want you bag to have many uses this summer not just for storing your things but you want it to make a fashion statement as well and stand out too.

Also keep it fresh this summer with body mist sprays and deodorant being in the hot sun can make you sticky and sweaty so keep baby wipes. They'll keep you cool and refreshed. Also no harm in taking it light with the makeup this summer you would hate to ruin it, and have it running down your face. So use long-lasting makeup you'll have fewer touch ups and less mess on your hands. Also keep the hair simple ladies you want to keep it simple and flexible pending on the plans you make occur during the day.

Sandals are making a comeback just in time because you'll want something light on your feet while running your errands. There are many styles to fit your needs and personality so take advantage of the sales going on this summer. Also that means pedicures ladies if your going to have the toes exposed your going to need to keep them looking nice and clean. Jewelery is a must this summer on bold piece instead of many. A bracelet or a necklace will set the tone for any outfit. Remember less is more and this summer you don't want to be weighed down so keep it light, and keep it safe. Drink plenty of water and use that sunblock. Also don't forget to get that perfect outfit from Estella Couture this summer. Have anything customized to make you stand out this summer and be the talk of the city.

By: Geneva Relf

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