Thursday, June 4, 2009

Important to Care

The NR Awards are here and Estella Couture are up for an award. In the category for Fashion Designer of the year. I can see why she has been nominated and why she deserves to win as well. Estella Couture is the picture perfect line and I feel that it represents the Nigerian African culture. This is a huge honor so make your vote count please register on the website and vote for Estella. Here new line for 2009 is untitled but that's because words can't compare to how great this line is. How Amazing these colors are and how blessed of a gift she has for fashion. The Awards are in Houston and please help out the worthy cause that is associated with these awards.This is an organization that is helping to end the poverty in Nigeria, and promote awareness on the health conditions of the Nigerian people.

This organization helps do just that by shedding light and recognizing those of great talent. There are many categories but we want to focus on Fashion Designer Of The Year. This again is a great honor and Estella is very proud and we should be of her too. So vote and please donate this is something we should all be concerned with and now is the time to show how much we really care. They have a goal set for the money they would like to raise to help support their cause but we can pass that goal. However we have to do it together and so let's pull together.

I know your thinking how is this my problem and why should I care. Just think about your children and the future that could be changed for them. What if you didn't have money to feed them and clothing to cover them? What if you couldn't work and your health was beyond failure wouldn't you want someone to care? Now imagine a country that is consumed with these problems everyday. Where food is low and health is a major concern and the children who are the future of this country need a chance and we can give them that. So care and give and remember that anything can change in this country and that nothing is to far from our front door.

By: Geneva Relf

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