Friday, August 14, 2009


I once heard a man say "I put myself out there once and I can't do it again I guess." My only response to him was " One women doesn't destroy the world, and I thought you could see that." It's not that I didn't understand or even agree with his feelings at one point, but I know that life goes on passed one person! That sometimes we have to be with the worst to appreciate the best were about to receive. There are things you appreciate more the second time around you took for granted the first time. Your wiser to when you need to communicate, support, and just understand the second time around. There will be times when you bump against Mr. & Miss. wrong before you meet the right one. Furthermore we sometimes have the perfect mate sitting in front of us our whole life and never know it. The sad part is most of the time it's too late and that person is tired or holding on to what should be. I'm not saying this is always the case, but sometimes what you need and looking for is closer then you think.

There is nothing on this earth or in this world like being with someone who is your better half. Being with someone who would doing anything to see you smile, and laugh and just to be around you. The idea of being with someone who can see you for who you are without wanting or asking for that to change but to be embraced. I wonder why it's so hard to commit to someone who hasn't hurt you? Why we struggle with the chance to be happy and live in peace if not just for a moment? I understand that once your heart has been broken and you have been mistreated it hard to just put yourself back out there. Furthermore I understand that it's hard to believe and even trust when your waiting for them to do something wrong. The one thing I have learned is that if your eyes are always half open then you only see half of what you can get. If your eyes are always closed they'll never see what you can get. You have to open your eyes and take a chance the worst thing that can happen is noting that time won't heal. We say we don't want to get hurt or that were not ready to be back out there again. However aren't we hurting by missing out on what we could have. The thought of seeing others happy and in like or love and your playing it safe. That's like being the kid picked last every time to play at school, or being that really last picked person for partners in class. No body wants to feel like things are passing them by or that they aren't good enough to in the game we call life.

I say yes it will hurt and yes there will be times when you wish you were single, but then there will be those days when you can't image how you did it before without them. The very thought of them not being around is torture and beyond your thoughts. Even when you think that you can't take anymore and that your not cut out for that kind of relationship. Where you have to lay your feelings on the line and actually care about someone, seems so beyond you. Just hang in there it gets better and trust me you don't want to look back over your life and wonder what could have been.

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