Thursday, August 13, 2009


What does motivation mean to you? What does that word really do for you when you hear it if anything for you? When I hear that word I think of drive and ambition and the cost along the road to get where I want to be. I think the biggest test God gives us is willingness and strength to achieve our goals. You need the willingness to endure any and everything that comes your way. The willingness to cheer yourself on when your the only one who sees you dreams coming true. The Willingness to hold on when all around you have given in and up on you, but the strength to stand while enduring. The strength to understand that pain is only for a moment and not forever. That is the battle scares that make the battle worth it and taste even sweet when made over to victory.

Self motivation is very important because you have to understand that the lack of success is due to the limitations and actions of our own being. In other words you have the power to make or break your own dreams, and the power you give others is in your control too! If you only hear the negative then after a while that is all you see, and trust to be true. If all you see and hear is positive then after a while you begin to see and think positive and strive for more! We have to start to realize we can't take everyone to the top with us and we can't expect everyone to be happy when we get there either. Not every smile in your face is for your happiness or for your benefit, but if you can just hold on and look to the sky you'll never fail. Anything worth having and doing is worth fighting for and struggling for because it's worth will mean more to you.
Sometimes that means really looking at those around you and making that decision and choice of whether they should still be there and how close you'll let them remain to you. It means those you grew up with might not be there anymore and those buddies of yours might not be there either after you look around. However it may hurt at first but I would rather stand before my few loyal, honest, devoted friends and family. Then be surround by liars, deceivers,and back stabbers who only want to see me fall. I would rather be around people I don't question then those I have to investigate and worry about. I also know that if I want this for me then I have to be this for others and treat them the way I want to be treated. Your acts have consequence's and karma to follow and you may not feel it then but let enough time pass you by you will. People don't understand that every action has a reaction and just because you didn't get caught today doesn't mean you won't tomorrow!
However don't forget where you come from and what it took to get there once you reach your goals. Don't forget the struggles and pain it took to reach your desires because that it the humbleness you'll need to stay where you are. Once you forget you'll slip and think that is where you always were, and don't forget to give back and help those on their way up. You give to not just to be giving but because you understand what it's like. Also have the heart to be a blessing now that your blessed.
BY: Geneva Relf

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ThugRockStar said...

Well done. More people need to think like this, and stop blaming everything/everybody else for them not doing what they need to do.