Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Every struggle and heartbreak isn't for the breaking of you but the building of you. Sometimes it seems like the sun is shinning so bright and yet the blessings of it's rays never touches you. The grace of the beauty of it you never seem to feel because all you feel is your hurt and pain. Everyone seem to be happy and going on with the most perfect lives in the world and yours is the only one falling apart. Where it seems your tears are your only friends and the only constant thing in your life. I have been there plenty of times but the key is to get up and not stay down to realize that you have to stand. Life is a gift that can't be returned or exchanged for another and you only have one to live ! You have to look at the lessons that come with every challenge and learn from them. See the point in every heart break and strive for better in your life instead of waiting on answers to why. If we only knew that sometimes we hold on to the very thing that is destroying us. We would be so much further up the road that we call life if we just let go and moved on. We hold so much pain inside and carry so much weight on our shoulders that even when were happy we can still feel the unhappiness inside.

Don't get me wrong were human and it's in our nature to get down at times, and to feel weak almost destroyed by the things that happen around us. However the blessing we have is that we don't have to stay that way. That there is always a new day and another chance to smile and see the beauty in life and all it offers. The fact that at the end of the day it's over and you can sleep that pain away and move on. My grandmother use to say "Stay Sweet" to me all the time every time I cried, or got down that's what she would say. It took her passing away and years of bumping my head to get the point in that. See you can be hurt by some of the coldest people in the world, or even by those who are close to you. However you have to keep your head up and smile and go on living. Don't let them steal your joy and peace because you have to live with you not them. At times when I'm down I can still hear her say "Stay Sweet" and I smile and think about all those times I could have given up, but didn't so why do it now.

We all make mistakes but the biggest one we make is not learning from them and growing for the better. We all have done something that we wish people would forget and let go, but you have to just live your life and let them live theirs. The minute you let it go and forgive yourself they lose all that power, eventually moving too. You control the power you give people in your life and the control they have over you. There is nothing worse then a broken heart that is kept by the heart breaker. The idea of hoping they comeback and realize the mistake they made or making. Meanwhile they are doing their thing and you drowning your pillows and staying home and waiting by the phone. For a call that may never be what you want it to be, and if it is will things really be different? Can they really be the one that doesn't hurt you or lie to you anymore, and have they really changed or is the fact you that stayed around and always will? I have always been the type of women who realizes that there are three types of people in this world and you have to decide which one you are:

1- Childish- Staying hurt and never moving on. Keeping that pain with you and holding it against others.

2- Equalizer- They got you so now you have to get them back.

3- Survivor- Dust off and Get up keep it moving with hopes for a better day and change

I'm a three and have grown to understand that being childish will get you no where. A lot of people don't recognize their true self-worth and will allow people to treat them any kinda way! So they try to get even and be number two. However after years of that it gets old and you have to start realizing that life has to be more then a game of tag. Start to survive and live your life and make it what you want to make it. Depend on yourself and learn to do for yourself we need to be more independent not just money wise but thinking wise too. Stand on your own two feet and grow up and learn that life is hard for everyone.
Love is an amazing thing that we have been blessed with in life. Love for yourself, and those around you and even that special person.When you find that person who make you feel like your above the world and no matter what happens they are there. The type of person with eyes that show you more the just you, but the both of you and what it could be. The love we have for our self should surpass anything we go through we should love our self enough to get up and live. Family and close loyal friends that have a positive outlook and advice. We should start surrounding our self with positive thinking people and cut out the negative voices in our ears and life. Life is only over when you choose to no longer live it.
By: Geneva Relf

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