Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ending the Violence with Peace Not War

Ending the Violence with Peace Not War

By: Geneva Relf

This world is a complex place and we are surrounded with negativity. I often catch myself turning off the news and ignoring the news radio. We have become so use to watching violence that's it's almost nothing to us. Youth violence has grown over the years and has gone from simple fighting to now they are killing each other. We are losing our youth not to anything new but to things we have taught them and showed them. I often wonder what hope we have when the world we live in doesn't seem to care. We sell more movies that contain violence than anything else. We need to remember that what we put out there will come back to us.

Our children are prime examples of that and we need to grab every program and resource we have that is trying to change the way we live. The UK is no different except the violence is more racially motivated. Blacks vs. Blacks or as it is said black on black crime and it has gone ignored until now. Violence doesn't care what race you are or even where you live. However the results are the same and everyone pays the price for our neglect to respond. One tragic event takes place and it took a life before anything was done or at least attempted. A young boy 11yrs old was shot tragically and left for dead. We can't just blame the games for things like this tragedy there were so many factors that come to play here. UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown said that he is "aware growing concern". Mr Brown said: "The sources of information for children from a very young age now are the internet, television, commercial advertising. That is a good thing in so many different ways, but where there is pornographic or violent material, any parent is going to be concerned." (guardian.co.uk) Now censorship is the best way to do things and keeping them from all the outlets we provide them with daily! He added: "I think we have got to look at this as a society. I hope this is one of the areas where there can be common ground between all parties. I think you need to review this with a large number of representative groups, from parents, from the different industries itself and from other areas of publiclife. (guardian.co.uk)

Well we have a chance to change the life of these young people. Booshie is doing just that by creating an outlet. The apprenticeship program will teach these youth a trade and give them something to advance towards. This program will give these youth another option and another way of life. I can quote her as saying "My aim for the project is to open a creative studio in the most deprived area of London and help kids from deprived backgrounds who have creative talent and teach them skills through apprenticeships." this is a paid apprenticeship so they will really get a feel for what it is to be in the fashion world. However this isn't just about designer hand bags or keeping dying traditions alive but building hope for those who need it. She also feels that "The apprenticeships will also involve attending college 2 days a week for key skills such as Math & English as many of our under privileged often get expelled from school without being able to read & write. " This is something that we need must do and need to do.

Her plan is something that should be supported this is a great cause for a struggling group of people. If we stand behind her and support her cause just think how many youth will be saved from this? Just image how safer the communities will be now that the youth have an outlet other than violence. She's not just giving them hope through fashion, but also through education and giving them something to look forward to. Teaching them the basics that most privileged youth take for granted.

Violence never solved anything and bloodshed only leads to more bloodshed. How many more youth have to be slain for the message to get across that they need help? Or even that something needs to be done life is a precious gift that should be treasured and given the chance to grow. I support her efforts and feel her pain when it comes to making a difference let's show these youth we still care. However she can't do it herself she needs help from the government and the surrounding communities.

Support the cause and check out the site.


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