Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Do's This Year In Fashion

1Color- is in this year don't be afraid of color. Pick tones that compliment your skin tone, and wear things close to your face. That bring out your eyes and make you stand out.

2 Jeans- buying a pair that compliments your shape and size. Buy jeans in dark wash for the slimming look. And the light wash to add if you need it, but don't be afraid to try things on. Make sure your happy before you leave the store.

3 Tops- Wearing tops that fit this year, yes I said that fit this year. Less is more so show one not the other meaning give a little cleavage not a lot. Wearing plain tops will give you a chance to play with accessories.

4 Bottoms- Shirt the high waist look is in and very slimming ladies. Wear this look during the day with dress top and blazer looks polished, but at night lose the blazer and it turns into sexy polished look. If you give legs don't give the cleavage this year make then wonder and keep it classy.

5 Accessories- earrings are in as well but if you do it big with them tone it down with everything Else! Make one part of your body the focal point and point of interest.

6 Makeup- Keep it light and the natural look, you can do more for the night but during the day keep it simple.


1 Men- Pull those pants up please, God gave the knowledge of belts wear them please! A little sag if fine but if I can tell the brand, color, size of your boxers. They are too low and you might Trip and I'll laugh.

2 Ladies- Dress just like that less is more in the sense that you can be attractive without giving it all away.

3 Makeup- Don't look like your going clubbing to work or school.Don't look like you slept in your makeup because last night as so good!

4 Sloppy- Don't wear that just got out of bed look all day long please! You never know who you might bump into or meet. You might meet Mr. Right looking oh so wrong and fellas you might meet that girl of your dreams bumming it. You might run into a potential job or boss and you always want to look your best.

5 Gym clothes- For the gym coming or going enough said

These are just some fun tips to practice this year and maybe take to heart. However no matter what do you SHINE this year and make your dreams come true. Work hard so you can play later and enjoy you success.

By: Geneva Relf

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