Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I watch television now and wonder why things are so different for us, and why our mistakes are plastered to never be forgotten. However if you look at the rest of the world it seems that the media isn't happy until one of us in trouble. It's like they are waiting for one of our young black brothers to mess up and capture it on tape or audio some where. You have so many stories blasting at once it makes you question the very truth of the source!

All the Good our brothers do and yet all you see is the negative and mistakes that follow them. Even when they are trying to stay on the straight and narrow it seems that they are being pushed to fail. Why is that some have it better and their mistakes get turned away if not just overlooked? Why must we be the face of wrong and ridicule for all to see? We use to walk tall and proud and now every news headline is about another brother going to jail or in court.Everyone sat back and watched the Chris Brown case like he was a serial killer or something. Instead of a young man who made a mistake and trying to make amends for it by changing his ways. He apologized and came sincere but to many it wasn't enough that he was sorry and knew it. Why I ask haven't we all done something that we wish could take back and be forgiven for without additional judgement. O.J. Simpson we all watched as he received time for going to retrieve his own things that were being sold from him without his knowledge.

What I can't figure out is if the media can get there hands on these exclusive tapes and things why can't they find Tupacs killer, or what happened to Biggie Smalls. The streets were filled with witnesses yet no one knows and know one in the media cares. To them it was Black on Black crime another senseless act committed by us! Why is it they will blast our misfortunes but never compliment or highlight our Good and Greatness.

We have brothers like Snoop Dogg who has a youth program for children and he is active in it, but we don't hear that or see it. We have men like Nelly who takes time out of his busy day to talk and counsel youth, but you won't hear that either. LL Cool J and the fact that he help motivate youth voters to register and vote,with his political power for youth program. Or even Busta Ryhmes who went to London to speak to youth against violence.

These are just a few names but the list goes on and on but you'll never hear it or know it either. However let one of them mess up and it will be headlines for not days but weeks and months to come. Yet we stand by and just let this happen because we buy these articles and we watch TMZ and feed into this hype and garbage daily. These are our brother our Black men that are being blasted all over the news and not recognized for the good they do. We need to go back to defending our brothers and standing by them again for our sake as a people. Rappers like Bow Wow was strongly active in registering voters when he worked with Declare Yourself and Black Vote I bet you didn't know that one. We have to start controling what the media puts out about our brothers and how they treat them. Don't get me wrong I don't condon wrong or criminal acts, but I don't condon the mistreatment or abuse on our brothers for a dime either.

By: Geneva Relf

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