Saturday, August 8, 2009

Just Know your Postion

I have never been the type of women who needed a man to complete me or to give me anything. I was brought up by strong women of all types for the single mother, to the devoted strong grandmother who made sure you knew your place! Its crazy how as time goes on the game that many men and women play never changes. We are often too scared to express what we really feel or even what it true in our hearts. Instead we play games lead people on and think that we are doing them a favor, because we haven't hurt their feelings. However it's the long run your not thinking about I mean now this person is invested in a lie of the worst kind.

However what about those people who know what you want a head of the game and act new when you remind them of what it is. I often wondered how women got themselves in those positions. How do you agree to be a jump off, or as they say "girlfriend #2" and be fine with that? But then you have those women who think that sex will change anything, and if you bring it enough he will change his mind. Well I hate to bust your "bubble" but that's a lie and he'll tell you whatever to keep getting it. Not to mention the fact if you make yourself open to them without a fight they'll continue to do it. However some women don't know I'll admit you men are slick with that you'll tell a girl anything to get what you want. Now not bashing men because ladies yes ladies are just as bad and will do anything to get what they want or what another has!

However you have these "sideline" girls who forget that is just what they are sidelines and not the official player on the court or field! They think because he may call or visit that makes you move up in the ranks no it doesn't know your place. If you had your own you wouldn't be waiting around for mine to be done with me to see you. You wouldn't be waiting for him to leave me to call you to see you. Sometimes we put our self in these places to be hurt, because we know what is going too happened and continue to head for it. Like he keeps proclaiming he is going to leave her, and that it's you he loves just give him time. Time please it's been three or four years later and your still with her, and have no plans to leave her. However we hear what we want and see what we want so it doesn't hurt so badly when it comes to past. There are time when we often lie to our self to make up for the fact we don't have what we want from the ones we want it from.
Furthermore there are times when you just get up and move on because you deserve better then that. And you don't deserve to be put on the sidelines when you’re a star player. You know that everything you’re wasting on him or her would be appreciated by someone else. Not to mention you shouldn't have to share your time with anyone who claims to love you or care about you. We often stay in these relationships or in these positions because of fear and the doubt of better. We don't know if the pain we feel will be greater then the pain we feel now. Now no one wants to get hurt or to be the one that is used. Sometimes we give our self to these people and devote out time, kindness, understanding, and patients. I mean going through something’s and not knowing why you only get 20% or 10% while most days you’re giving 90% or 80%. Wondering why and trying to figure out what you didn't do or couldn't do to change this. You wonder why the more you give the worse they get sometimes and just to wake up one day and they leave without why.

You may never get that answer I use to wonder if you’re a great women a true solider for your man. You don't want what's in his pocket, and you genuinely want the best for him or her, and you’re supportive. That would be enough and if you gave but also weren't a doormat for them and you cared about their needs and desires and did your best to keep them happy. You would be good enough and that you could make it through anything with communication. I have learned that sometimes you’re just not enough good or bad wise just not enough period for some really. You have to think about what you really want and what makes you happy. Because you'll do anything for someone when you don't know what you want. You'll often give in when you’re strong because it's easier to be weak then fight a battle you know you’re losing already. I feel that I can't get a break from the pain, or the tears I put into a relationship or person. My heart and soul just wants to give up and don't go back out for another heartache; however "life is to be lived not watched". I often think that maybe its crazy the way we put so much energy into nothing and into something we know is only hurting us.

Just My Opinion
By: Geneva Relf

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