Friday, August 21, 2009

Smile For Me

I'm still here standing you have failed, and you should have finished the job while you had a chance ! See a lot of times in life we feel that if we stay down and stay out of the line of fire we can't get hurt. Sorry but that's not true see it's when you think your hiding all the trouble finds you. The trick isn't to run and hide but to endure and stand tall in the face of a challenge. See I have been taught that words are dead without action. That your action are the only thing sometimes that separates you from others.

Even though it may hurt sometimes and the struggles we often face from day to day seem so heavy and to hard to bear. If you could just look up and smile and see the beauty in tomorrow and realize that the days end, God will always bless another day to come! I use to think that when your heart is broke or your feelings are hurt it's because God was busy and didn't see it. I know that's not true, and that sometimes you have to go through things so you can stand stronger. You can't give advice or even grow as a person if you never go through anything yourself. Furthermore not every struggle is to destroy you but build you for the better. Every tear you cry isn't in vain but your hearts way of washing away the pain in your soul. Even though the sky is grey and the rain just seems to fall on you. Just hear this the flowers bloom after the rain. The sun seems to shine brighter after a storm, and the grass is always greener.

It's not a joy you gave me

It's not a smile that you gave me either

You can't have it and you don't own it so I know you can't take it

You may have bruised me, but even that will heal

My dreams and will you can't control

My destiny is not in your hands

My heart

My Soul

Is mine to control and mine to chose what it will do

I give the power and take the power away

I smile and laugh through it all

I wipe my tears and stand tall

I have learned my lessons from made mistakes

I have loved, and hated but of all I have learned to love those who hate me

In all my struggles I understand that if I make it through the day

I'll SMILE & LAUGH again

By: Geneva Relf

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