Saturday, August 22, 2009


Calling all MVP's in this game we call life, and I'm calling all those that have lost they swag and want it back. I'm looking for those who want to be something in life and be something great. It's time to get polished up and turn our shine on again. We need to start going back to showing these other lames how it's done. We need to turn our shine on and encourage the haters on, because without them there is no us!

You want someone to hate on and you want someone to talk about here I am enjoy please! See cause I know that my swag is on point and the more haters I have the greater I must be. Fellas I don't need a man to spend a dime on me, or take care of me. Ladies we need to start back being independent and being the boss. Don't get me wrong we all want a strong, intelligent, handsome men in our life's. However most of us get one a forget who we are at times and seem to let them have all the power. No more we are diamonds and need to be polished by the best. Furthermore in order to get the man you want ladies means being the woman we are suppose to be.

1. Cooking- Is a must we need to go back to cooking real meals every now and again

2. Cleaning up- Enough said

3. Dressing up and reminding him why is so lucky. Nevertheless why he must stay on point.

4. Surprises- Ladies every now and again you surprise him with gifts

5.Independent- Have your own and be your own person

6. Ladies- Being soft, Smile Sometimes, Laugh More

Now I can't get on the women without hitting on the men too ! See I have seen a lot of things changed over the years and Fellas if you want that dime piece or that fly women.
You need to realize that real gets real and what you put out is what you get back. Men need to go back to being men and standing tall. We want the type of man that can and will handle business and take care of business. However now a day it seems most men just want to be players or just simply play games. Sorry but that might have worked back in the day, but we don't have time for you lame games. We want men and we want them now to be honest !

1. Work- Get a Job, and then go to work

2. Be honest- Stop playing games be up front and tell us what you want

3. Gentlemen- Open doors, and pull out chairs, and pay for dinner when you ASK us out

4. Hygiene- don't just look clean be clean too

5. New Era- cook and clean

6. Man up- Don't be afraid to grow up

Time to turn the swag back on and get what you deserve out of life. Time to make the haters earn their money this year. Time to start standing back tall, and holding our heads back up and being fly like only we can. It's time to get off the bench and on the court it's fourth quarter baby. Final two minutes and you have the ball either you make the basket or you don't. However either way you have to get in the game to play to find out right! Turn your swag on and don't let anyone turn it off. You hold the power and have all the keys to your success in life so don't throw it away. You only get one chance to live so I suggest you start now and take it.

Check your Swag at the door

I'm fly so you know you better come with it if you want to hang

I got the swag so where is your game

I'm the ticket so baby get out of line

I'm a sold out event you should supported

You thought you had me with that lame stuff

Darling I'm the MVP I run this show

Why you looking around I know you know

I don't have to wait for the sun to come out

My swag is always on that's why I


So hate on haters give me more motivation

Cause I'll pass you and you'll still be hating

My SHINE is so bright

I'm illegal and can't drive at night

So for now until death I just plan to


By: Geneva Relf

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