Sunday, August 23, 2009


Have you had someone so great in your life that it makes you wonder why? The person that made you wonder what if and what could have been. The type of person that makes you feel your life flashing before you. Every time they are near you wonder if you should, but fear what might not be there if you do. Then you think maybe a chance is still worth risking then the fear of wondering what if.

The Person that makes you feel and want the impossible. The type of person that make you want to not only change all your No's, but has you do them without effort. Just the thought of them makes you smile, and the mentioning of their name makes you breathless. The times they are near make you wonder what could happen if you just made that move.

Someone so perfect that just seemed to fit all your plans, and had all the same hopes for the future. Someone that makes you wonder what if ,and that makes you want to be a better person. Even the thought of not with them makes you sad in away you never thought.

Every kiss makes you want to make it last, and when your alone you feel that your world is complete. Or if you just wish you could make that move, but afraid of not getting what you want. Furthermore when you had them but lost them over something so small. The fact you didn't fight for them or even try you just let them go.

I almost risked my fear

I almost wanted to chance the possible hurt to be with you

I risked happiness to ignore you

I had you and let you go

You were the greatest dream I ever had and yet

Now I dread waking up, because I know you won't be there

Do you miss me too, because I know my heart wasn't the only hurt one

I let you slip through my fingers, but I also can say at least

For a moment in time you were mine and I was yours


(But you'll never slip if I get the chance again)

babyface-what if video
By: Geneva Relf

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