Monday, August 3, 2009

Women and Wrestling & Fighting with Beauty

When you think of women, you think of her physical appeal and her charm. You think of her body shape and style. You think of how she is beautiful in appearance and how amazing she looks in those jeans or even dress. Then there are those times when we are seen for our strength and our courage, but just to be proclaimed as something we are not and to be mocked.
Were taught as little girls that this is a mans world and that the majority of the sports we play or career fields we choose to get into belong to them too. For years even decades wrestling was the same we saw how strong the men are and how powerful they are. We watched them entertain while we were showpieces and eye candy. Then came the Era of strong and powerful wrestling women like the Fabulous Moolah and May Young. We watched them dominate for years in that ring and made us believe that strength can be sexy and admired. As the years went on we only received better and better examples of these traits. With China the first female wrestler to face men head in there style of fighting. She even teamed up with one of the toughest tag teams of that time D-generation X.

They were known for there rebel attitudes and do what you want behavior. China fit right in she was a diva that was so different from what we had been expose to before. Her strength and in your face attitude, but at times she was graceful and poise as all women can be. Along side her was Trish Stratus one of the most beloved divas in the WWE at the time it was WWF and Trish was set apart from all the divas. From her style to her in ring ability, she was a champion even when she did not carry the belt. She was the type of diva at first you were not to sure of and might not have even liked, but then the tide changed and she was a hero for most young girls. Then came the likes of Lita who was with the Hardy Boys and she really stood out from her style to her in ring ability and the way she flew in the ring.

By: Geneva Relf

Now women fighters are no different they are in a sport really dominated by men in a sport where you are not liked. They take the courage to step into a ring with other women to fight fist to fist. No one to tag in your alone in a ring when only two real things can happen you either get knocked out or you win by the ref calling the match. You battle like men but your not and your facing a mother or daughter, and even someone’s niece your facing someone who is normally doing spas and cooking roles that are given to us because it's what we were brought up to do. A mold we do not fit in anymore we now on top of the pyramid and we have the beauty and brains with the strength to match.

I applaud these women for there strength and courage to fight with such appeal. We are seen now for our power and our abilities and not the roles we were once taught as children. We are taking over and doing it with poise and passion and were doing it better then most men too. Do not get me wrong the sport is still watched because of them but they enjoy it because of us. We have changed everything from racecars to Wrestling and we keep amazing the world everyday with something new. We are no longer objects but we are now respected for our abilities and skills.

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