Monday, July 20, 2009

What else Can He Do

What Else Can He Do
By: Geneva Relf
We all know Chris Brown for his amazing ability to dance and sing. We fell in love with this young guy from Virginia who could dance like Michael Jackson, but with a sound that mixed from r&b and the hip hop we hadn’t really heard before. He was a hit in the movie Stomp the Yard even though his part wasn’t very long it leads to another role that gave him his chance to shine. This Christmas was a film that gave him the door to be an amazing actor as well singer and dance performer. With eyes that pulled you in and a face so innocent and a body to make you drool. Women young and old were going Chris Brown crazy and all wanted just one night with this young prince from Virginia. His romance with singing sensation Rhianna was heartbreak for many, but yet not surprising they made a cute couple and yet the buzz of when and how just flooded the magazine headlines and the TV screens. We all set back when the news broke about this young couple not attending the awards due to the claims of domestic violence where Chris Brown was the attacker. We watched the video that was released, and looked at the photos that were plaster of Rhianna all over the television screen.

Many fans didn’t hesitate to switch loyalty and many celebrities that didn’t have much to say all of a sudden had plenty to say. Chris Brown came from an environment where that was done, and then being betrayed at a young age by the very women who was supposed to help him. His own manager was using him and abusing at a young age in the pursuit of his career. When the story broke about his very troubled past and jaded career beginning very little support was on Brown’s side still. He was advised by attorneys not to make a public statement and that he should avoid the media on this incident. Chris Brown made a public apology saying he was sorry and even posted it on his you tube for all to hear. Saying “Although I will do some interviews and answer some questions in the future, I felt that it was time that you heard directly from me that I am sorry.” Many question his deepest sincere apology and wonder if this was some publicity stunt. Many questions why he waited for so long to address the issue and Chris Brown answered that by saying
Since February, my attorney has advised me not to speak out, even though ever since the incident I wanted to publicly express my deepest regret and accept full responsibility.”

Many doubt him and question if he is really sorry or just trying to save his career. However for me personally I feel that we have all done things that are hard to live with. We have all made mistakes that we wish people would just forgive us for and let go. We all have those regrets the only difference between us and him is that his mistakes are printed for all to read. Every act that he does is plastered all over every magazine and every entrainment show. See the dirt we do and mistakes we make come with a smaller audience and smaller price pay. See it’s easy to sit back and judge this young man when we aren’t in his shoes. We treat these celebrities like their lives are ours to own and to poke at, and that there mistakes are for us to judge and examine. Just because they can sing, act, dance, and even give money we don’t care that they need help. Or that they may need to be uplifted sometimes and know that be remained that they are human and mistakes happen. We judge them because we sit back and have no spotlight on us to judge us, but if anyone of us was looked at for one day. I wonder how many of us would come out shinning and without a blemish at all. I’m not excusing him but understand why it happened and why he needs help now. See coming from that environment he was bound to be effected in some way shape or form. He recognized that he made a mistake and that he wishes he could go back and change his actions. He was punished for being quite and now he’s being punished for apologizing what can he do to get a break?

The words that ended his public apology was “What I did was unacceptable 100%. I can only ask and pray that you forgive me, please.” To me that sounds like a man looking to make amends for his past. Not written or practiced but from a place where he really wants to be forgiven and a chance to live again. How long are we going to punish him? How long are we going to make him apologize for something it seems we won’t forgive? Chris Brown knows he was wrong and that his actions put him in a questionable position with his fans. He said that he is more disappointed in himself then anything and yet it’s not enough for us. We all make mistakes and all have fallen from time to time but we are all given the chance to get back up. So I say we should give it to him and let him make amends for his actions and turn this negative into a positive by helping others. Just my opinion anyway I pray that he get’s the chance he deserves to make amends.

Besides there are three sides to every story your version, there version, and the truth. We may never know what really happened that night between them two but we don’t know what happened but we can judge him based off hear say and media. Enough is enough we need to let go and forgive and move on.

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