Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Game Needed

Stepping Your Game Up In '09
By: Geneva Relf
In today's time, money is tight and a lot of you young people just do not have the funds. That does not mean you still cannot get the girls you want but it does mean you will have to change your approach to them. Women like security of course we do but that leads into more of a relationship not casual dating or hook up. We like men to be adventurous and spontaneous with us to give us something to look forward too. You do not have to spend a lot to make us happy in fact; it is the little things in the relationship that we remember the most anyway.
A person once took me on a trip to the mountains and packed a light dinner and we sat on the hood of his car and watched the night sky. It did not cost him anything and it was the sweetest thing any man has done for me. See if you take enough time to plan and think about what will make us happy I can guarantee that you will be happy too. Sometimes it could just be you cooking for us showing us your creative side.
We like a man to take care of us for a change and to pamper us it is really a turn-on. We love it when you make it more about us then you because later we will make sure that it is all about you. Make sure whatever you do it is something you will both enjoy there is no point in taking her somewhere wishing you were some place else. Yes, fellas we can tell when you are not happy and when you rather be some place else all together, so plan and event that you both like. Find out what music she likes and then surprise her with a candlelight dinner and candles surrounding the room. Put on that mix of her favorite love, get in the mood songs and then just watch her overdose on your creative, sensual, well-planned evening.
Now do not expect sex that will just ruin the evening let her lead up to that if you seem too eager or desperate you will not get any. Do not make us feel like we owe you for a beautiful night or that because you planned a beautiful date we have to give you some. If you really want to get some at the end of the night, make it the least of your agenda and let it be our move to advance not yours.
We love to laugh and have fun so comedies are always good and planning a movie date where you watch your favorite movies and spend the entire night laughing and getting closer. See it does not cost to have her bring her favorite movies and pop popcorn does it? These are just some ideas for men that already have a specific woman in mind and have an idea already of what she likes and what she does not like.
For those who want the inside scoop on how to pick us up well you have heard it before confidence we do not really know you are broke until you say something. Make us feel like your the king we want you to be, now don't go off telling a bunch of lies you know you can't come close to. However, you do not have to go into details on everything less really is more and besides if we are really into you that will not matter. Make sure that your hygiene is on point there is nothing worse then a fine brother who smells bad. We see first, and smell second we are attracted to your scent so if your odor is off so is our attention we will not hang around. We like it when you take notice on things like our perfume and our style you do not have to over compliment but throw one in every now and again.
We like it when you notice that we are into you and when your turning us on too, but don't take that as a green light to just move in. Also sometimes, we do not really know how into us you are until its too late. Therefore, a touch here or there is good too like a touch of the elbow or caressing of the fingers and hand. These little touches let us know that you interested and that you are really attracted to us. Keep eye contact and try not to stare at anyone body part. It is so annoying when a person is caught looking at your chest or butt the entire time my eye are on my face for a reason. Also looking at our lips let us know you want to kiss us, but do not stare it is not going to make us want to. We know you are imagining us naked you cannot help it but try not to show it with your face it is not cute if it is prolonged. Bilingual is a plus as we love the hear how beautiful we are in another language so people out there who speak two languages use it. Nevertheless, in closing no matter what be yourself because you never know how long you have to you be that way.

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