Tuesday, September 8, 2009


You know its pure fire and nothing short of amazing, but what else is new. Jay-z has once again raised the bar on lyrics and beats. The lyrical genius himself has put down pure perfection in vol.3 of blueprint yet again he has earned his name. This album is a must have and a must BUY with tracks loaded with emotion and real talk for those who crave real hip hop. Jay-z is still keeping hip hop alive with album that has been long waited for. It came out in store today and is a must have for those who love music and love real hip hop you can't sleep on this album. With an album filled with collaborations you get ear full of greatness and pure genius.

The famous track Run this town ft. Rihanna and Kanye West this track is beyond fire and has that pure beat genius we all love. This song will empower you and make you feel the words as they flow from your speakers into your ears. Then with the track Real as it gets ft. Young Jeezy enough said with these two on the track I can't say anything other then pure brilliance and musical originality. Then with the hot lyrical song called Already Home ft. Kid Cudi the energy and heart stopping beat on this track will make you stand up and dance. You will miss out if you don't get this album, and if you’re a real lover of hip hop you will add this one to your cd collection.

Then with So Ambitions ft. Pharrell you know that this joint was going to be nothing short of greatness. This album is a classic for Jay-z he has grown with each album and has raised the bar time and time again. Even the track Hate ft. Kanye West didn't disappoint me at all and then the track On the next one ft. Swizz Beatz enough said about this one to pure originality and fire non stop. Empire state of Mind ft. Alicia Keys you know boss lady did her thing on this track and you know it's nothing short of amazing. This album is the best of both worthy from rap to hip hop and delivers on every track. Pure greatness and nothing comes close right now when it comes to this.

BY: Geneva Relf

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Keli said...

I am not feeling "Run This Town" at all. I have not heard any of the others as of yet...

I am feeling the Rhapsody commercial. Getting my ticket for Jay's show non-the-less.