Wednesday, September 9, 2009


September seems to be the month for comebacks and hit records, and I mean these men are coming hard. The Rap and hip hop game has changed over the years and many seem to think it was dying or already dead. However this just proves that is wrong and that it's more alive then ever. This cd was pushed back and anticipated for months by true hip hop and rap fans everywhere who just wanted to hear something they could relate to without compromise. This album is a part 2 and has collaboration you better respect and stand up for.

This album is called Only Built 4 Cuba linx part 2 and loaded with 21 pure fire tracks to make you really think back to a time when all music was like this. The beats are some of the sickest in the game today and some might be mad, cause this is an album to jump start with. Meaning that it's going to be crazy competition for some in the game today. For those artist out there sleeping and thinking that you won't be tested this is your wake up call now! These tracks are pure fire and a true fan of music can't miss this one and will be ashamed to say they don't own it. My personal favorite track would have to be We Will Rob You ft. Slick Rick & GZA & Masta Killa this track had me really bobbing my head the beat was amazing not to mention the fact that it had some of the finest on the track. Of course I can't leave out my absolute Cold Outside ft. Ghostface Killah & Sugar Bang I'm a huge fan of ghostface killah so I heard him on the track and got excited for real. This song is hot and the lyrics are some of the greatest but don't take my word for it go cop the album yourself.

Then with Catalina ft. Lyfe jennings who is another personal favorite artist for me, did his thing on this track. So many hot appearances from the hottest in the game and if you don't get this album your missing out on a classic part of history. With names like Beanie Sigel, Papa Wu, Styles P, Jadakiss himself on this pure genius album with organic lyrics you would be shamed not to have a copy. This was in stores and dropped officially on September 8, 2009 if you lucky they may still have a copy for you.

Hip Hop & Rap isn't Dead and if it was welcome to the Resurrection and rebirth of music

By: Geneva Relf

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