Friday, September 11, 2009


There first album was called DAY26 and many wondered what this young group by Bad Boy was about to bring to the table. We all watched the show but were still curious if they could really bring the x-factor to music we all know comes from BAD BOY. They did and have continued since then with their hits and hot music videos that make you hit playback over and over again. This group has sky rocketed it seems like over night, however for them I know that's not the case but the success is just beginning for this group. Their second album was released in this year called FOREVER IN A DAY and they even gave up the amazing summer hit IMMA PUT IT ON HER- ft. Young Joc and Diddy himself. The video was also amazing yet simple but you got the point of the song. Then with other amazing hit songs on the album like SO GOOD which we are all dying over now, that song has put many women in a daze. Then with my personal favorite song Perfectly Blind was just that song for me I love that song, but Girlfriend was a very hot joint as well, and the harmony in the voice brought me back to those days when music had just that. However the hits just keep rolling off this album with Reminds me of you that song will make you think back to that special someone or hold on tighter to that person.

Well today is our lucky day because they are releasing a video album available today on itunes with tracks added that weren't on the album. The name of this video album is Forever in your eyes and it's worth the buy. It dropped today and you don't want to miss out on these hot videos or added tracks, and trust me you don't want to miss out on this one. There are eight videos total and the bonus tracks are so worth it and the videos are hot. You know I had to get it my personal favorite song is in the mix Perfectly Blind I just love that song. However like always say don't take my word for it get it yourself but you won't be disappointed at all. Plus my all time favorite The truth is a lie is a great song and worth the buy as well.

By: Geneva Relf

So Enjoy but don't forget to go buy

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