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Michael Jordan has and always will be one of the most respected players to ever wear the number 23 and that ever touched a basketball. Michael Jordon was the type of player that flew in the air to make baskets and it seemed like for that moment in time he was flying in mid air. The magic touch he had with a basketball is still in him even at fifty he says he still wants to lace up and play. For those who don't know Michael Jordon was inducted into the basketball hall of fame yesterday among five other great basketball players. Michael Jordon joked but at the same time was serious about getting back into the game, friendly throwing out a challenge to the other inductees.Here is a little to a lot of history for those who don't know or just need to be reminded why Jordon is the measuring stick for all players who step on the court. He is the five time MVP for the National Basketball Association and a with a record of winning ten yes ten scoring titles. He holds the record of being the ten time All-NBA first team selection record, and in '96 he was among the 50 greatest basketball players in NBA history. Then from 1987-88 he was defensive player of the year with that came being a nine time first pick defensive player putting him in the All-Defense first team selection for the NBA. Then in 2002-03 he ranked first in the NBA for history breaking scoring average of 31.0 ppg (points per game) he was second in steals with a record of 2,391 and then he was fourth in points with record breaking numbers of 30,652. He was fifth in free throws made with a record of 7,061 in '98 he was the Bulls all-time franchise player and he closed out the season with record breaking number on the court. His record for the rebounds that year was 5,836 and his assist that year was 5,012 my point is that not only did he deserve this but it was long over due. For those who don't know Jordan went to college in North Carolina and even in college he was making his name and destiny known.

He was a freshmen playing for the NCAA championship team hitting the wining shot for the title in the championship game. Michael Jordon lead the Bulls to their sixth championship title in the 90's. We were all devastated when he decided to leave the NBA before the 93-94 season many questioned what now. However it didn't last long the basketball blood drive was too strong in his veins. He was the third overall pick for the Bulls back in 1984 after his junior year of college. From 1984-85 he earned himself rookie of the year award after averaging 28.2 points per game. When it comes to basketball he has had a remarkable if not unheard of career.

However he wasn't just a great basketball player he was and still is a very charitable man, with the work he has done for others. His work with the special Olympics and also a huge part of the Boys and Girls club of America. He was even named an Ambassador for the Make a Wish foundation and with many successful golf charity events. He is also a huge business man and has endorsed some of the biggest names to date such as Nike, Coca -Cola , Gatorade , McDonald and my all time favorite Wheaties. He is also the new face of Hanse and we all love that, but you can't forget about his shoes the Air Jordan's which we all rock and still wear but call Jordan's for short. He was also in the movie Space Jam and for those who remember it and those who don't should go see it. Michael Jordan by far gave us all hope watching him play and many in the league today hoped for the chance to play half as great as he did. Many say that Derrick Rose is the next MJ of our time well only time will tell, but if he is those are some shoes to fill. Michael Jordan will forever be the most remarkable player that ever graced a basketball court and that ever touched a basketball.

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By: Geneva Relf

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