Monday, September 28, 2009

Derrion Albert The Tragic end to Life, Youth, and Beauty

When I was sixteen the biggest fear I had was if a boy liked me, and my biggest concern was did I pass that test? Did I get my homework done I don't remember, but the thought of losing me life for nothing never came across mind. The thought of seeing my mother's face in the morning and not ever seeing it again in the evening was never a concern for me. However that wasn't the case for this young man who lost his life for what? The price of a life is now in the hands of kids, young people who can't and don't do take care of themselves.

I was shocked when I first heard this story, but then to find out it was caught on tape was heart breaking for me. I understand that through the tape the police and those in law enforcement can catch those involved, but the family will have to watch that on television. You know things were suppose to get better with President Obama in office, his entering the office embarked change for us all, but this is far from it. I'm 23years old and I fear the idea of bringing a life into this world. This young man was 16years old, and lost his life in what the media is calling "mob like action" all because he didn't want to join a gang? Or the fact he was protection someone else from joining a gang? His life was lost to a violent brutal end that didn't have to happen at all. This took place in Chicago but it could have been any where to anyone. We have lost to many great lives to pointless violence and he was just a baby to young to have lived a life. To young to have gone all the places he wanted to go, and do all the things he'll never be able to do now. However the lives that took his are over now too, the cycle has to end now before more lives are lost. We shouldn't wait until this makes it to our backyard. I'm sorry but my heart is bleeding into this story because it didn't have to happen. It didn't have to happen like this or at all and the price of a life is no longer valued as precious but as timed commodity!

I can't understand where were the police and where was the security on the campus and what about the teachers? Where were the people we send our children, cousins, nephews and nieces to school with to protect them at when we need them? I can't help but send out my prays and deepest heart felt understanding to the family. I lost a friend of mine to violence back when I was in high school. He was killed off campus while I was at lunch laughing and joking around, he was losing his life for nothing. He ran over by a truck and them backed up over again, by a man who had nothing to do with the argument taking place. But because he knew the girls involved he killed my friend for nothing.

What are we leaving behind every time another life is lost to preventable violence? " If we kill off the future who is the Future!" quote me this isn't the first life lost to violence but it should be the last. What are we teaching our children and those that are around them that you create your own results at any cost? We need to do better and now, not later not next week but now is the time for a call to action!

By: Geneva Relf

"I think the answer lies in those who are not afraid to take responsibility for the future when others can't or won't."- Arielle Alexander

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Rahjawn said...

First, Thank You.
Secondly I Wanna Comment On This: "You know things were suppose to get better with President Obama in office". That Is Very True. But It's Seems Like People Are Using Obama As A Crutch Or Something, i.e. Serena, Kanye, And Now This....

We As Black People (Pan-Africanism again... lol) Should Take Him As Breaking Barriers As A Chance For Us To Break Stereotype And Boundaries. We've Made A big Accomplishment With Him As Pres And Now We're Digressing Again...