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Brandon Price aka Blizz MoneyBagz (Bankroll bondz)

From Ohio this young man is innovative and changing the music game in his own right. He has worked and surrounded himself with some of the greats in the industry and here is just a list of his musical successes.
-Agallah Presents CAKEMIX (THE PRELUDE TO RED VELVET) (2009 Propain Campain)
-L.I.L. aka Young Smoke INSTANT CLASSIC (2009)
-Blizz Moneybagz & DJ Gweb (2009 Propain Campain)
-Propain Campain VS Led Zeppelin (2009 Propain Campain)
-DJ Illmatic & The Senate IM MOVIN IT ALL (2008 The Senate)
-Guttaman Prsents TH
A KILL TAPEZ VOL.1, 2, 3 and 4 (2008)
-DJ Illmatic Presents THE FIX VOL.4 (2007)

If your interested in where you can find his music HEAR MORE BLIZZ MONEYBAGZ MUSIC AT:
also download the new LP for free on and ALSO see videos

Is from Phoenix, AZ and this young man has talent for days lyrically and beat wise. He is not only a writer of his own music but a vocal gift to music. He has a mixed trade of talents from singing to rapping. Either way you’re pleased listening to any of his tracks and trust you’ll enjoy the creativity and passion in every rhyme. Music to please the pallet and can make you feel him from the very first lyric. He can make you dance and move to the beat or he can turn you on and wanting more from his voice. This young man is beyond gifted and his music is beyond proof of that but listen for yourself. His music can be found at and trust me when I say that you’ll love what you hear. With songs as “I’m Great” is on fire and will make you dance and press replay every time. Then with “You know what I mean” will have the women blush and wish for the man rapping the lyrics. “Persevere” is just that track to make you want to push further and further to your dreams and goals. These are just a few of the great tracks he has and he is a rare find and a gem to music and is proof that not all talent is in the game today.

Je’an Pierre Johnson aka Je’an P 19years old
This young man is from Canton, Ohio and he is a Hip Hop up and comer, with inspiration from Common, Jeru tha Damja, Kanye West. This young man made his first stage debut in the 8th grade a young man who even knew then what he wanted to do. His music can be found at This young man has been very busy since he graduated from high school and has released three underground albums called “Original Process”, “ Thought Process”, and “Where the rhyme things are.” His motto for his career in music is “My goal as an artist is not only to be successful and be one of the best to pick up a microphone, but to touch people with my lyrics and to stay true to the hip-hop genre.” His main inspiration for music came from the lost of his parents the death of his father and the passing of his mother to cancer. This young man has been emceeing for about 13yrs. Now and has won awards to show that he is a talented young man.

Just Brittany 19years old
This young woman is from Houston and she is a golden when it comes to this music game. She is young but she is filled with talent and drives making her dreams come true. She is beautiful but do not let her looks be the only reason you tune in she can carry a tune, and has talent that needs to be recognized and adjusted for most listeners. She is being guided by Houston’s own Chris “C- Moe” who is a writer and producer and guiding this young woman to the top. Her work can be found at or you can find her music at Don’t get me wrong I think that talent should speak for it self and that you shouldn’t have to do things that reflect you negatively. Her voice is amazing however her lyrics are overly suggestive and can lead to misrepresentation in a career leading to only this song format.

This artist comes for Albany, New York and is an aspiring Rap artist and looking to make it to icon status with his music. His music can be found at and he is a writer and creates his own twist on music and lyrics altogether. He has made and created several mixtapes and albums and started to get very serious about his dream in 2006. He can be quoted for saying “I know the formula for success for this music industry and I give that credit to all the greats that went down in history , their ways and success showed me that rapping was just not getting on the mic and spitting, anyone can spit you need substance!”

Josh Mei aka J May 22years old
All the way from Morgantown, WV and this young man is a solo artist and in a group. His music can be found at however to hear the group His musical inspiration are Jay-Z, Eminem, and Lil Wayne he is a very brilliant young man in and out the group. The next original organic lyricist in the game today that is hip hop and should be a threat to those not working on their game. His track “White Shoes” was produced by the group and this song has a very original sound and vibe to it. Meanwhile the track “What For” is his personal project and work pure fire in musical originality making it different from what else out there. He also preformed at a lot of Hip Hop Athens, met his group mates and formed the group “Iron MC’s” the members are Tone Capone (Lexington, KY), Eddie Franks (Chicago, IL), and J.Pesc (Cleveland, OH). They all competed against each other but realized they were better together and formed the group. This young man is Asian American and can be quoted “As a first generation Chinese-American, Josh Mei (pronounced MAY - hence, J May) has set forth to break all stereotypes placed on Asian Americans in modern day society.” This young man and his group are going places so I hope you’re ready for them. ( )

Marquise Avery aka Slim Gooddy
This young man is a freestyling hip -hop artist who can rap with crazy flow. Slim has changed the game with his approach to music and he has really raised the bar for unsigned artist and his music is everywhere. You can find his music at or him at the following
This young man is very well accomplished in the game already at 12 years old he new what he wanted to do. Slim is from New Haven, Connecticut and he has done his time on the Mc’s battle scene and now making singles and mixtapes. He made his first single called “The revenge of Bonnie and Clyde” off his mixtape called Purple Tapes which was hosted by Jim Jones and Big Mike. Slim the released an album called “ Ear 4 da streets” this sold over 2,000 copies which gave him the drive to make his second single “ Pressure” which also did well with number of over 1,500 selling copies. He was also on the cover of Connecticut and Rhode Island’s #1 hip hop magazine called “Street Confinement”. He has been blessed so far in his career with the demand for his music his much acclaimed mixtape called “M.E. - My Ego” dropped early for those fans that just couldn’t wait until May 17, 2009. This young artist can be quoted as “Slim is ready to show the music world that a change is needed and that change is him.”

Kevin Boyd aka K Boyd 25 years old
From Memphis, Tennessee truth be told he wasn’t even into hip hop until one day in ‘97 when his older brother introduced him into the world that is HIP HOP. He was introduce by the album “Chapter 2: World Domination” the song was called “Three six Mafia” that moment became a turning point in his life. He took one step further in 2002 by not only writing his own songs but learning the process to produce them as well. When in college he took the time to learn and grow and even took advice from those who could guide him into success. May 2006 was the testing ground for him dropping his first mixtape called “ Time 2 Shine” then he also released “I need Money” that September of ’07. He may have caught the Hip Hop bug late in life, but his style seems timeless and Hip Hop bread from birth. May I dare say that he has some very organic beats. He has a list of music that mixtapes that are must hears for those who love the music. His music can be found at or you can find his work at . These mixtapes that you’ll hear are the efforts of him and B. Jizzle so enjoy and feel the rhythms of music and the vibes it’s changing.

Vernon Chaney aka L. Chanes

Brooklyn’s very own but now living in Virginia and he is the very essence of fresh air to Hip Hop music. He is the very new wave of this new generation of Hip Hop but with that old Hip Hop vibe and feel. His lyrics are for all walks of life and not just targeted toward a certain audiences but for those who want to feel music with real talk again. His lyrics are organic and from real life experience his and they reflect the world we live in and lives in it around us. His lyric speak on the challenges and hardships in life and the struggles that can arise. His main inspiration in his lyrics is the loss of his parents and the path that lead to being homeless and the struggles to keep the faith and dreams alive. He has been quoted as saying
“ Although his roots started in the underground battle circuit, Chanes is still very dedicated and has put time toward developing his craft. He has performed all over NYC, doing open mics, and will even fight to get his music heard.” You can find his music at, , So if your looking for the new wave of Hip Hop but with that old school feel we all fell in love with this is your artist.

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