Friday, September 25, 2009

She's Back/ And Artist to Look Out For

Amerie is back and has a hot new single to go with it and the video has the bar raised. She has comeback with a hot new joint and the video is very different from what we are use to with her. She is showing a new side of herself and I like it. From the dancing to the new sound she is back ans should be recognized.

He's back and he looks amazing in the "Drop it Low" video by Ester Dean ft. Chris Brown. His dancing has stepped up a whole major level and his body looks amazing ladies. He is also starring in the movie Takers which hits theaters soon so keep your eyes out for it. He is dropping his proclaimed called classic album soon.It's called Graffiti and it's been reviewed by some of those featured on it as a work of pure genius art. Lyric wise it has been said that Chris has brought his A game and that he is ready to bring the music back and raise the bar at the same time.

What do you get when you combine the brilliant and classy nature of Mary J.Blige and the up coming lyrical genius name Drake? Pure fire and track to run after and make sure you have on instant replay. This video showed off the fact that Mary J. Blige is not only embedded in music but is the queen of it in all forms. Drake stepped it up by teaming up with her on this track. He also came out and dropped his album this month and it was a hit. Drake has single handed changed the game when it comes to lyrical creativity. The video was hot and really had me from the beginning to end love the song and love the energy in the video.

She is back and looks like she has brought the music we love with her. We all know and love her voice either she was making you cry or telling him good bye. You loved her words and felt the passion behind them. Now she is back and is dropping an album that I hear is going to raise the bar on female singer everywhere. She has really taken this time to focus on what brought her to the table in the first place. Her fans should be going crazy now with anticipation and joy.

Yes Mariah lovers she is back and has really done it this time. With her new album from which I heard is pure lyrical release and has given chills to those who have preview it already. Women everywhere can understand where Mariah is coming from and men everywhere can kick themselves for letting women like her go. However her songs no matter your gender will make you groove and feel her in every track. So make sure you go out and get this album married life has changed Mariah but for the better and her music shows it and you feel it.

He is back the man who changed the way we look at love, and love making is back. He is raising the bar for a lot of young artist in the game who try to follow his foot steps. He has a sound and videos that give you chills and a reason to blush. He brought in Keri Hilson on this new track and it's amazing seeing these two together on this song. She has come out with her songs and videos since this song and she has some hits on her hands too. But Mr. R &B himself is back and he has truly proved why he is the lover of music.

So these are just a few that have made a comeback and I'm glad they are back. So support your Favorite and keep them around with your support.

By: Geneva Relf

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