Monday, September 7, 2009


This is by far some of the most amazing work of music so far I have heard in a minute and Ginuwine has proved that things always get better with time. Ginuwine is a 13year veteran in the game of music and he has done it all. From making you cry and wondering why things went wrong. To making love all night with the candles and light off embracing the one you love and long for.This new album has a tracks for all your needs and NO one does it better then when it comes to making you blush! Or even when it comes to making you cry or even thinking about that love ended over waste. He was gone for a minute but now he is back and better then ever and still a mega sex symbol for those who know him and those just being introduced to him. His videos are always so hot and beats making you want to dance and hit repeat time and time again. This album has those tracks that are really for the grown mindset meaning that it's real talk about those things we encounter single or in a relationship.

I can't just pick one track that I love the most because I love it all to be honest I am an R&B women to the core. Don't get me wrong I love all kinds of music but give me something with soul and feeling I'm a happy camper. His comeback came with two hot videos the 1st was Last Chance- this song was fire for me the video was also amazing and the fact he can still move is nothing short of sweet. Then he came with Trouble ft. Bun B.- grown talking track but so hot and the beat is so cold and lyrics on point. This is the song that makes you want to dance and tempt the crowd and turn that certain someone on. My other favorite track would be Lying To Each Other - that beat is a killer from the moment the song starts and it so of the best lyrics I have heard. Then you have Bridge to Love ft. Brandy- this song is so sweet and so much heart and will make you think along with the track Used to be the One. Ginuwine has proved that there is nothing with taking time off and sitting back because when you comeback you still on the minds. His game has grown and you can hear that in the lyrics and he still delivers that fire us ladies love and others are trying to reach.

By: Geneva Relf

Ginuwine's "Last Chance" - - The funniest videos are a click away

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