Tuesday, September 8, 2009


For many it's not enough to have a dream or to have a vision. For many generations the very thought of this was unheard of and even a joke. Many years of struggle and hope to just be equal was a battle in itself. Then one day came the hope of a nation and new chance to right the wrongs for all generations and races. The thought was crazy but the hope brought many to smiles and some to tears. The image of this man with brilliance not yet seen, and a vision so far from the plans before him. November 5, 2009 he became the 44th President and the leader of a falling nation, but the question wasn't if he could change the nation but when? I remember the tears in my mothers eyes and the fact my grandmother would never see this day but the prayer was complete. The work was ahead of him the struggles were just beginning for him and his beautiful family. I sat in front of my television set and saw the thousands upon thousands in the park that night in Chicago. All waiting to hear from him and the millions more that were glued to the television sets waiting to see him. I could hear the boo's from Arizona as they made the announcement, and apart of me was ashamed of the place I live.

Now when he is making changes he is being pushed harder and harder by people we never saw pressure coming from. A preacher saying over the pulpit he " hates him" such strong words from a man who should know better. The very thought of him not taking it back it's heart breaking hate for what? Now a president who cares about education is being booted out of speaking to the young minds of today. So much objection when our children are already expose to so much, I mean we will let them watch graphic shows and listen to lyrics filled with junk. Rather then have them inspired to do better by a true leader. Finally a voice that speaks directly for us is facing so much opposition these problems didn't occur over night. Guess what they won't be fixed over night either! We voted and came to together now we need to stand together for our leader and for the change we want. He can't do it alone these problems didn't happen cause of one man but do to many. Former president Bush was by far some of the worst of things in office yet people showed him more support then President Obama. Makes you wonder why we wanted change and now we have it and don't appreciate it for it's worth.

Change comes to those who fight for it
Results comes to those who refuse to leave until they see them
A struggles is a sign that your close to what you want
You never can change the world from your bed
Nor can you motivate spouting negativity
You have to inspire from actions of motivation
A leader is put to the test daily, while his follower are only tested often
Faith happens and occurs when things look the worse
We stood in lines and waited for days to get the chance to be heard
Decades of wondering when change was going to come
Tears of joy and pride fell from the eyes
Who understood what that day meant
Understood the sacrifice and pain for that moment in time
The great leaders that have passed away would never see their dreams living today
The hope that made them raise every morning for a chance at opportunity
Open your eyes he speaks for us all
It's not Black or White but a nation in trouble
Don't blame me if you let this pass
We have a chance to prove we can do better
We all have ways of doing better and making a difference
Open your eyes he speaks for us all

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