Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Model Above Beauty

When you think of models you normally think of women, that are beyond unrelated to your world. You have a hard time believing that they live normal lives too, and that they are just as human. When you put together beauty and class, and the motivation to succeed, beyond all doubters who do you get? You get "Niagrafallz" that's who, and this young women is way more then what you see! With beauty as unique as her name, and eye that lead to a gateway that pulls your very soul with intrigue! The very versatile nature of her beauty makes her the virtuous gift to photographers! However it's not just looks with her, she comes with the brains that will challenge any man. The type of women that won't waste time with nonsense and that is taking everything she touches to the next level! No you don't have to take my word for it, however you can already see that her presence is known! This devoted mother, model, and women has taken many by storm but she is just at the beginning of all that is waiting for her.

Like I say for everyone I write for or about "Those that love keep it coming, but for those that hate do it in silence, but watch them succeed!"

Bio :
Khadijah "NiagraFallz" Born in Paterson,NJ but Raised in Brick City Newark, NJ is the ultimate Muse that Does it all. From the age 5 seeing my moms Grace the Runway to now I always had the Drive,the desire To Model (to be Famous) walking the Runway. From dancing to hip-hop/Reggae to modeling in different Fields of the modeling world I said "I am and I will accomplish my goals."

Modeling has always been my main focus but school came first. I decided to finish high school and pursue my dreams. After school at the age of 18 I had my baby boy which was the greatest gift I've ever received. Having a son didn't stop me it just pushed me to get my life together and to work harder.

Since 2003 I've been grinding from taking care my son working, going to school and modeling, I've gained a lot of knowledge. I have also taught myself to stay humble and to stay positive. In this life You can not walk around with a bad attitude and expect things to go your way or to be handed to you. I've learned that the hard way and changed the aspect of life.

Since I've been modeling I have done local fashion shows for various clothing designers and hair stylists. I have done numerous of photo-shoots for banks photography, Lloyd parks,even 43studios and more!!! Working with some photographers was Great but some were just Perverts. I had to experience a lot of Bull with certain ones promising me things such as putting me in magazines, videos, and etc.... But in this industry it's about perseverance while some will help you along the way. Unfortunately some will want sex from you to help you. By the Grace of ALLAH (GOD) I have not fallen victim to sexing my way into the industry. I will struggle and grind hard,working my way from the bottom until I reach to the Top.

I would like to thank Mr. Tony Neal From the CoRe DJs who Found me on Myspace, gave me a chance believed in me and said "I'm willing to work with you from the kindness of my heart." He looks out For me and guides me to the Right of way.

Things I am working on:
Best mother ever For my son
To Gain More knowledge
Working with Great positive people
My lovely site By Kaneo Graphics etc

I hope You guys like what I Present To you.... look out for more of the Ultimate Muse NiagraFallz the tatted up Core Model.
More To come!!!!! But check out what I have accomplished So far =)

Hype magazine and myspace page twice
Over 10 blogsites

Be on the look out..... I love all my supporters =)

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