Monday, October 5, 2009

More Undiscovered Talent

Undiscovered Musical Talent
By: Geneva Relf

S.K. Uptown
This artist has an interesting approach to music and beats. His song “Politicin” was filled not only with heartfelt lyrics but the beat was beyond organic and original. You can tell that his musical influences are strong in his music. S.K. Uptown is inspired by artist like 2pac, Biggie, Jay-Z, Jadakiss and you can tell by his rhymes that he’s taking a little from each of these high impacting Hip Hop legends or soon to be legend. He’s from Philadelphia and his music is a true dedication to hip hop fans everywhere and those who have ears to hear it. You can find his music at and if your looking for more real music with the heart of a real man’s story he is your artist to look out for.

Lil Dee Gods Gift
All the way from New Orleans this young man will leave you speechless every time his music is played. His musical talent is something that most wish to achieve at his age. He is only going to become more major as he get’s older and further into the music industry. His song “Unbelievable” is just that and too hot to stay off the air ways. This song has a combination of a great lyrical hit, and a beat to make you dance and move your feet. The first verse has you tuned in and the beat and hook has you intrigued to follow and listen for more. You can find his music at and he is the future of music and upcoming talent. You could never guess that this young man was only 20 years of age, but this young man is making major moves for himself and trust is someone to keep your eyes on.

From Texas and young but very talented this young mans music is very hypnotic and his beats are beyond amazing. His song “Eyes of a fool” is different from any song I have heard before and has a message that most don’t want to hear. From his beats to his rhymes it’s all entertaining and worth the listen his music has something for everyone no matter what level you’re on hip hop wise. “Run” was just one of those tracks that most will find themselves bobbing their heads too. The track that had me on replay was “The future” this song will not only make you want more form the beat but will give you energy from the lyrics. Then with the track “Made Women” ft. Tiny that will make you dance, now this song is not for the sensitive but it’s also one mans opinion of a Made women in her built and type. Overall he is an artist that should be respected and looked out for and not ignored. His music can be found at and also
Just beyond talented and has a flow unlike most so enjoy.

John Tucker
This young man just released a mixtape called The Junk but there is no junk in this mixtape. This young man has a flow that is original and unique to the music game today. “Your Favorite Rapper” produced by Jae. This was the intro to the mixtape and it was spoken and rapped words and it was an interesting take on music. However his most breath taking track would be my favorite “ I Believe” produced by D. Perks from the very beginning of the track this song will have you tuned in and will have you listening for more. “Good Lovin” produced by Jae is a song that I could hear on the radio and never get sick of or bored with for that matter. This song is a track that could be a hit chart topper and I know this young man is on to something in beat selection. He is very talented and he is set for the stars his music is very unique in style and flow. His music can be found at and to download this mixtape

Supreme General
We all know that New York has provided the Hip Hop music world with phenomenal artist. Buffalo, New York didn’t disappoint at all with this young man either. His approach to lyrics is beyond organic and has a flow that reminds me of when music was real and not industrial. His name fits him and he is the Supreme General in my words and opinion his flow is different from most in the game, and his songs have a thought provoking vibe that most have failed to reach. This young man is beyond ready for the big time and has talent that will push him beyond longevity. His music has a real talk and quality and I would like to pick just one track to focus on but then you would miss out. However my favorite song by him would have to be “Supreme Dreamin” from the opening beat this song had me on the edge of my bed and had me really feeling his flow. He has a reach in the music world that most don’t reach for years into the industry. You can fin his music at or

Joni Chelle aka Joniece Michelle
This Young women is only 22 but has a voice graced by God and she has the voice that most would kill for. She has talent for days outside of music but lyrically she is amazing and you are pulled in to her hypnotic, passionate voice. She can make you smile and reflect back on that time when you were in love. Or remind you of what it’s like to have your heartbroken, or torn between heartbreak and makeup. She is from the great state of New Orleans and is proud of it and she has the soul to carry any song her heart desires. She mixture of Hip Hop, R&B, and soul music and she has the voice to carry it all and make you want join in. You can catch her many places and for those who are fans of music look out cause she is the next headlining diva and the reason that music is gaining it’s soul back. She has touched me with her music several times, and she has made me look back to the times my mom use to play old records. Her voice makes you think back to a time when female vocalists were just that and not industry made but pure untainted talent.

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