Thursday, October 1, 2009

Polo the FurKing: The Man of Untouchable Talent

How does one truly describe greatness and put into words all of ones attribute? How can a person of writing talent sum a life that isn’t completed yet? When I first started this project I was beyond nervous and worried about the fact that words just wouldn’t be enough. He’s not just a fashion mogul but he is also a Father, a Business man, charitable man. Most people at first may not be able to truly understand, but when you are of a brilliant your often not understood. The FurKing has the golden touch when it comes to fashion, but what you don’t know is he doesn’t sketch a thing. He has the ability to just see it and make it a reality.

You can tell by every piece that it beyond untouchable and down right unseen in the industry today by most designers. His style is very different from most but that’s the intrigue of it his style is a reflection of his own persona. He has a mural that was done for him by a artist named Willie Condry and the piece of art is beyond propounding in it’s own right. I don’t know how many fashion designers or business moguls have a mural about them. Polo isn’t your average business man in any form he has many names however no one can question his genuine genius. Polo also has a music group called Bosses that meet Bosses. Like a I said before he is not your average business mogul. The group consist of Maggbeats (producer) Prolificent, Billy Bass (producer) and they are just as untouchable in music. What do you get when you combined powerful men and a passion for the atmospheres surpass the stars? You get a Boss lady who has to just as demanding and passionate as those she works with. Prina is the PR not only for Polo’s clothing lines but also music group. You don’t know business like she knows business and you don’t have connections like she knows connections. This is a well oiled machine dream team and they all work for the Boss Polo better known as the FurKing or as some call him P.DIDDIT.

The FurKing is by far the most innovative person I have ever spoken with in my life. His passion to dig deeper and be better then anyone else is inspiring and a challenge if your not up to the task being given. The truth is there is way too much about him to fit on paper and time will never be long enough to tell his whole story. He has graced the cover and been the main attraction to many magazines and the sky is beneath him! He has been in magazine like Mixture, Against the Grain, HHH Magazine, E2K, 5Star, and has many more that he has been in including his Dime Piece Magazine appearance in 2008. For Mixture he was the actual cover and the issue was ran twice and he was the spread in the second edition. He has captivated the eyes of those who look at his fashion, his style is undefined and propounding at the same time. He has been in countless interviews and neither one of them can say they have the full story about him. I was told that one interview he had at a radio station that admires of his work had mobbed the phone lines before his arrival. He has had countless radio interviews that have only had a glimpse of his greatness, but like I said there is way too much knowledge and drive, and ambition to put into words. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry and he doesn’t brag about it either, but if you ask he’ll tell you trust me.

The proof is the response and it must be true he is the FurKing and the next big thing to hit mainstream. If you don’t know about his Work with the Stand Up Soldiers you should go to you tube and check out the video. He has dressed artist like Smoke Bulga in his video ft. Jim Jones , and like I said he is everywhere if you blink he’ll be some where else just like that. Youtube is flooded with him and you can’t help but respect the conglomerate of his business mind. As a man you can’t help but respect him and know that he means business and that his words are spoke with intent. From radio stations like Funky Fresh to Imeem he is every where and you can’t miss him. He doesn’t proclaim to be anyone other then himself and he doesn’t expect to be anyone else at that he knows where he wants to be in life and sorry if your in the I suggest you move. He Moves like a Boss, but act like a gentlemen and his doesn’t like the term swagger he has changed that word and meaning altogether. Two show how driven he is two companies from the ground he has main into empires and trust me when I say he is no where near done. With Fashion and Furs, Dessalines clothing and now Black- Tie Records.

Just to show how powerful his mind is and how major his fashion is in 2005 he combined his thinking with Chase Million. And put on a fashion exclusive show in the providence of Rhode Island even though only seven furs were on showcase that night he brought the event to a upscale blow out with Juelz Santana of Diplomat Records being his host. The majors don’t stop their the group MetroCity was Dressed in their FurKings clothing to open for none other the Keshia Coles and that footage is on you tube as well. He has been quoted as saying “ If you are exclusive rock with the best, if you can’t do it big rock with the rest.” However his slogan is “ If it’s not Exclusive, it is not fashion.” You will catch some of the biggest names rocking Polo’s furs like Ice-T and Coco, Zab Judah, AZ (the group),Carl Thomas, Ed Lover, Terrence J ( from 106 & park), DJ Envy, Rocsi DJ, Finesse (Bad Boy Records), Don Omar, and the list goes on and on. He is untouchable in this game and whatever he wants he get’s and has the team to assure that. He is just at the peak of his mountain top and just keeps adding to the altitude.

He can’t be stopped and you can’t tell him know the people love him and respect him and as long as he is the demand he’ll be here. His fashion line is beyond unique and the music is beyond anything in the industry and he has the greatest team working for him and he knows it. He’s a humbled man and he counts his blessings, not that he came from a poor or underprivileged background because he didn’t. However he has proved that he can stand on his own and that he was born to do what he is doing. He has set trends to a level that are unheard of and the look is beyond a vision but like I said it’s all in his mind and not on a pad. The music is beyond the lyrical genius realm and with beat that would shut the game down, and hooks that would stick in the minds for days. Everything he comes in contact with he wants correct and if his name is attached guaranteed it will be correct or corrected.

He is a charitable man like I said and has given to the Boys and Girls club and he does marathons and donates money to worthy causes. He has raised the bar for success and keeps raising it daily. I hope the world is ready and if not too bad he is flying first class and next stop your yard hope you can keep up! He is the Bosses of Bosses and he is the most genuine person left on the planet and no sugar coating here he is man of business but yet he is beyond down to earth and hilarious at the same time. Like I said there aren't enough words or time to tell his whole story, however if I could sum him up in two word it would be "Finesse Mastermind" don't believe me look at the style.

Places to Find The Fur King: - Bulga ft. Jim Jones Money on my mind video

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