Saturday, October 24, 2009

POCA J The Upcoming DIME to MUSIC

Poca J is what they call her and this young lady is beyond original. Most artist try to sound the same, or come close to fit in she doesn't. This young women has a unique sound that makes you want to tune in and turn it up. She has the talents of rapping and singing but don't take my words for it listen yourself. Now her lyrics are not for the young ears sorry but it's worth the listen for the grown folks. She's not playing when it comes to this music she's coming hard, and not playing when it comes to your spot! So pay attention stay on your game or she might be booking that next tour or concert instead of you! Her real name is JAE'LEN ESVER and she is on point with her music game. Like I always say "If you love keep it coming, but if you don't hate in silence and watch her succeed." My favorite song by her hands down is her remix version to Rich Girl it's hot so take a listen!
However this young women has more then just musical talent she
also models. She has a beauty that is unique and a style that just adds to her charm, and the very essence of what we call FLY! She's not a dreamer but a women on a mission not only to be on the top, but to do it in more way then one. However I think Jay-z said it best for her "I have a millions ways to get,choose one."

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