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You know her as Miss Paula, and if you don't know you need too now! She is a not your average woman and not by any means slowing down in the game. She does it all from music to fashion and you would be speechless to see the work. After reading her Bio, I knew that I had a task before me and had to bring my A game! She has worked with some of the best in the business and has only begun to tap in to her greatness. Miss Paula is a sweetheart, but don't take her lightly she is a Boss when it comes to work. If you haven't seen her work you need to check it out, and appreciate her conglomerate!

She's the new face of what beauty and hard work looks like, She is not only a force to be reckoning with on the beats and tracks. Furthermore in the workforce starting her own company called "Candy Flavas" and it's an all soy based candle company, in addition to graphic tee's and boy-shorts. It's a one stop shop for either setting the relaxing flow of energy, or setting the mood right with the candles and apparel.
However she isn't done now, and no near stops in sight. She has tons of upcoming projects so don't blink or hesitate, don't dare sleep on her skills. Miss Paula is coming and hard so watch out the game is changing it up hard work is now the boss! I say it for everyone I write for and mean it " For those that love keep it coming,for those that don't hate in silence, but watch her succeed."

Miss Paula, a Paterson native, started writing and singing in 2001, with established producer Kevin "Kyze" Ravanell of Kyze Music. Actually, it was Kyze that gave Paula the title "Miss". Within two months of writing her first song, she had world known DJ's like DJ Kay Slay and Envy, both of WQHT Hot 97 spinning her music and featuring her work on their mixtapes. Miss Paula continued to work with Kyze and writing and performing with artists like Capone of CNN. In 2003, Miss Paula executive produced, vocal arranged wrote her first mixtape, "Young, Dumb and Strung" where DJ Envy extracted the hit 'Life" featuring Capone of CNN. By 2006, Miss Paula went on to produce a total of seven mixtapes for herself, a Miss Paula Candy Flavas calendar to market her music and consulted of several grassroot and indie music projects for unsigned artists. In her career Miss Paula also has worked with producers like Ty Fyfee and Midi Mafia.

In 2007, Miss Paula founded Candy Flavas LLP ( which is an all natural soy candle company, selling scented candles, graphic tees and boyshorts. Candy Flavas released a mixtape featuring various artists fom the NJ area in 2008. Today, the company has grown into an e- commerce company with great success. Now, Miss Paula is ready to claim the crown she once sought as a record breaking songwriter. It is evident that Miss P is a superstar at whatever she does and now it's time for the rest of the world to embrace this size 14 Diva! "I write songs a lil' too fast, a lil" too good. I grew up watching the dudes freestyle on corners. So, that's how I learned to write R&B, by freestyling". Miss Paula defines what is hip hop, melody, sexiness and talented all one package.....get to know her!

Upcoming Projects:

  • Working on her 8th mixtape due to be released in January (including mini movie/ video collection)
  • Handpicked to be apart of to major projects for Da Alliance & BossChicsRUs coming in November look out for the CD's
  • Candy Flavas adding new products to love : CF gloss for lips, Body Love scrub (December/January) Lookout for these new items
  • Candy Flavas Girls teams - a series on the web of reality series for those women that are up & coming in the music industry as well business
  • 2nd volume of Candy Flavas Mixtape 2010 (inspirational/motivational)
Places to Find Miss Paula

Tracks I love:

We're in Love
Change it Now ft. Tyra

Change It Now - Miss Paula and Tyra
Best Friends
Throw It All Away ft. Tyra

Throw It All Away - Miss Paula and Tyra

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