Monday, October 26, 2009

Steve Havey The Most Heartbreaking Interview

This was the interview of the decade, most heartbreaking and thought provoking one on one. Steve Harvey has been the man to watch for years, we all fell in love with his humor and charismatic ways. We were all glued to the screens for "The Steve Harvey Show" and every movie he ever starred in has us in tears from the laughter. In addition to the fact he made movies that made us think and want more. Steve Harvey had a point when he said a lot of these bloggers speak on these celebrities and don't know them. Just running with rumors that hurt beyond expression. They have families too, love ones that read a lot of this garbage and can't help but turn the other cheek. What can one say other then it's not true will that stop them from spreading the rumors no but add fuel to it for some. Steve Harvey broke down in a way that compels you to think and understand they are humans, with feelings just like us.

Can't imagine a world where hurt, pain and lies are what sells, furthermore in a world where we rather buy lies then seek the truth. His tears are from a man who has lived a life of fame but at what price they all pay. You want a break and just live your life, however you can't cause every movement is recorded. Every mistake is blown to heaven and made to be seen by those who make the same mistakes daily even. Why are their mistakes so much bigger then our own? Why do we feel it necessary to destroy a lot of them? What would happen if they all decided one day to stop, and say "We have enough money good -bye." How would you feel then, and who would take their places in the world of media? It's a circus and we think because we pay to see them in films or buy their music we own them! We don't own them, but yet we feel we can invade their privacy, and comment on end on their lives. Just one day I would love to see them give back a dose of what is given to them! How would these paparazzi people feel if their lives without consequences was invade. Every spoken word blown out of context and misrepresented for all to hear! Just one day of being hounded without peace,with the thought of being with someone and not having it private.

So easy to judge them because we go under anonymous we never have to admit our words, cause we are protected by the fact our faces don't have to show! We can hide behind a screen and type what we want without being connected. We have no right, why do we judge them so hard what makes us so perfect? They wake up just like we do every morning doing what they love, and doing what we love to see them do! The church world can be harsh and there is no pain like church pain. So many people sitting in GLASS HOUSES seem to judge the hardest, maybe if we started throwing stones at your house you would stop! Just because they can put the ball in the hoop, Sing like angels, get you to dance to their beats or tracks.Get you to buy tickets with anticipation to see their movies, or attend their concerts, we don't care they get hurt. That's the false hood a lot of you print will ruin their marriages, families,and images to the public. They have families that read this stuff, they have children that have to grow up knowing that any given day, something nasty can be printed about their parents or them.

What tickles me is that their good is not headline worthy to the world! So many of them do charity work on their own without mega spotlight. So many of them are involved in the communities you live in, but care nothing about! Have programs for children and have projects to better the future but all you print is the negative they do. Like you don't make mistakes or have any closet doors you want kept shut! This is why I do what I do, and changing the way we write about them all together. We should focus more on the positive, and what can take place now, then reflect over what has happen. It happen now move on, and let it go if you don't a solution that is positive and that can help SHUT UP! If you run it do it once don't over kill a problem and expose lies on top of what you don't know! My goal in life is to be the one they can come to without wonder, or second guess of the truth. My passion in life is to change how articles are read, be that one writer they can come to and know what they said is being printed. Not what I want them to say or what would sell more, but what came out their mouth. Being the most respected among trusted writers, interviewer is my goal in life. One person can make a difference the first step is acknowledging that change is needed not later but now. I have grown up with an uncle who is famous and known to the world. I have watched people tear down his name and don't know him, and heard the lies that they tell and never met him. I use to cry wanting to say something or do something, but what can you do? People will say what they want, he told me one time
"You can lie to the people most of the time. You can fool them the majority of the time, but you can't lie and fool them all the time." In other words you can't expect the truth not to come out, and your lies will be exposed. You think cause you write this garbage about them it won't come out that it's a lie WRONG!

Like I say and will continue to say
"For those that love keep it coming, but for those that hate do it in silence, but watch them succeed."

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